The Presidential Office is going to hold a national affairs conference on pension reform on Jan. 22. The Pension Reform Oversight Alliance said on Jan. 19 that they will mobilize 250,000 people to protest against the reform at the Ketagalan Boulevard. Moreover, they have already received right-of -way permits around the boulevard to make sure that the protest can go smoothly. On Jan. 19, the Pension Reform Oversight Alliance continued their hunger strike for the fourth day to protest against pension reform. Groups of military personnel, civil servants and public school teachers said they will mobilize 250,000 people to protest at the Ketagalan Boulevard on Jan. 22 when a national affairs conference on pension reform will be held. Since there will be a year-end party for social minorities in front of the Presidential Office on the morning of Jan.22, the protest will begin in the evening at 2:00 p.m. President of National Senior High School Teachers' Union Huang Yao-nan said that the reform should be participated by all, or else it will not be a true reform. ==HUANG YAO-NAN National Senior High School Teachers' Union President== There are a lot of people in Taiwan who don't have a pension. Why doesn't the government deal with this problem? It is unfair that the government is making a reform targeting at us. ==MIAO TE-SHENG retired colonel== There are problems with the pension system and the pension reform. The reform follows no regular patterns. The reform follows no regulations. There will be serious problems if the reform continues. National Civil Servant Association Director Lee Lai-hsi complained that he has not received an invitation to the national affairs conference. Li asked for a mild and gradual reform. He said that the government made the draft pension reform plan in an arbitrary way. It never seeks agreement with those who will be affected by the reform. ==LI LAI-HSI, National Civil Servant Association Director== By reviewing what the government has said in the past, you can know that whether it is acting aggressively towards us. Just listen to their rhetoric. The Pension Reform Oversight Alliance said that the Ching-kuo Hall, the biggest auditorium at the Presidential Office, cannot accommodate 250 people attending the meeting. Therefore, they have filed an application for Right-of-Way approvals for rallies in various places where the meeting may be held to make sure that their voices can be heard. TRANSLATED BY:ARIEL HSIEH 抗議年金改革,立法院門口絕食行動,進入第四天,軍公教團體決定擴大規模,22號年金改革國是會議召開當天,要動員25萬人上凱道抗議。 只是22號上午,總統府前廣場有寒士尾牙活動,監督年金改革行動聯盟表示,上午國是會議期間,只會有零星動作,下午2點正式抗議才會登場,全教產理事長黃耀南更質疑,參加寒士宴的人,九成沒有年金,政府要改革就要全體參與,否則是假改革。 ==全教產理事長 黃耀南== 為什麼這麼多人沒有年金 為什麼不去處理 反而這一次針對性的改革 ==軍職退休上校 繆德生== 我們的制度 我們的改革有問題 我們的改革是沒有規律的 我們的改革是沒有規章的 這樣下來會有問題 全國公務人員協會理事長李來希也不滿,還沒收到國是會議邀函,要求改革溫和漸進,總統府公布的年金改革方案,從未徵詢被改革者的同意,太過霸道。 ==全國公務人員協會理事長 李來希== 政府有沒有躁進 你看看過去那一段時間的發言 你就知道他有沒有躁進 狠話說盡 對不對 監督年改聯盟也質疑,總統府最大的經國廳,無法容納250人開會,已申請其他可能開會地點的集會遊行路權,要把反對亂改年金的聲音,強勢傳達。 記者 李曉儒 郭俊麟 謝其文 台北報導

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