Uber extends olive branch to motc, taxis / Uber盼與計程車合作 交通部:可討論

The government has imposed stiff financial penalties on Uber and the ride-sharing company is now facing up to NT$45.1 million in fines. Transportation Minister Ho Chen tan said that Uber Taiwan had sent a letter to the ministry two weeks ago, presenting the possibility of cooperating with local taxi companies and saying it was willing to consider different suggestions for its operations.

The Ministry of Transportation and Communications has imposed heavy penalties on illegal passengers carrying since the amendments to the Highway Act, the so-called "Uber clause," came into effect. Two weeks ago, Uber wrote to the MOTC, hoping to work with taxi firms after a long deadlock among Uber, its drivers and the ministry.

==HO CHEN TAN Minister of Transportation and Communications==
We welcome Uber to talk about further approaches that help it become legalized in Taiwan. In fact, about two weeks ago, Uber wrote to deliver its willingness to talk. I replied to it with our response a few days ago.

The MOTC is willing to discuss with Uber since it offers an olive branch, the minister said. However, the ministry hopes Uber can make adjustments and apply for legal permit based on the regulations in Taiwan.

==HU TI-CHI highway policy section ==
Uber said it will co-operate with taxi firms, and they are willing to provide services in rural areas.

According to Crown Taxi, Uber has talked about cooperation with it but gave no further details afterwards. Taiwan Taxi welcomes cooperation with Uber on the premise that it complies with the law.

==LAI CHENG-HSIANG Vice President, Taiwan Taxi==
Taiwan Taxi always welcomes legal firms to work together setting up a sound environment for taxi business.

Regarding taxi-hailing service via Internet as a mode of sharing economy, Uber says this is also an Internet platform for matching up drivers and passengers. According to taxi regulations, drivers can only work for one firm. Working for another firm at the same time will be in breach of the regulations and it won't be sharing economy in a sense. Discussions of how to cooperate with taxi firms are still underway, Uber says, stressing the annexation by local taxi firms in China won't happen again in Taiwan.



==交通部長 賀陳旦==
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