Public bus drivers in Penghu staged a large-scale strike yesterday for better benefits and higher pay, catching commuters unaware. Towards mid-day, the drivers Union announced an end to the strike after the Penghu County government made a few promises. ==MEMBERS Penghu Public Transport Workers Union== Same benefits as permanent workers! Higher sum insured! Larger insurance contribution from employers! Before dawn, nearly 20 public bus drivers from the Penghu Public Transport Workers Union gathered at a bus depot with banners for an indefinite strike to demand benefits enjoyed by permanent workers be given to their contractual counterparts. To help students get to school, the county government arranged tour buses as a temporary measure. ==LOCAL STUDENT== If there are no buses, it takes longer to commute to school. ==MEMBER OF THE PUBLIC== At my age, I can no longer drive scooters. I don't know how to drive one anymore. Now that they are on strike, what am I to do? ==WEI JUI-HUNG Dir., Penghu Public Transport Workers Union== We apologize for any inconvenience caused to the general public. In response to demands that contractual workers be awarded the same benefits as permanent workers, which include various bonuses, subsidies and higher pay, Penghu County Magistrate Chen Guang-Fu stressed that while the drivers right to strike should be respected, so should the public's right to transportation. ==CHEN GUANG-FU Penghu County Magistrate== The public's right to transportation should not be overlooked. So we really hope the drivers can go back to work soon, as appropriate under their employment contract, so that the public's rights are protected as well. According to Chen, public bus drivers in Penghu already enjoy the best benefits in Taiwan and rarely have to work overtime. He said that if the strike continues, it will be dealt with in accordance with items specified in the drivers' employment contract. At mid-day, the Union took the initiative to negotiate with the County Government, and both sides agreed to increase the sum insured for liability car insurance from NT$1.8 million to NT$3 million, of which 70% of the premium will be contributed by the County Government, and 30% by bus drivers. All public bus services in Penghu will resume today. TRANSLATED BY:JEFF CHANG ==澎湖縣公共車船管理處企業工會== 福利比照正職 提高保險額度 雇主負擔保費 天還沒亮,澎湖縣公共車船管理處企業工會,將近20多位的司機,在公車調度場入口處,拉起布條抗議,發動罷駛。工會訴求契約駕駛應該比照正職福利,投票決議後,昨天凌晨起,發起無限期罷工。縣府緊急調度遊覽車載運學生。 ==學生== 有時候沒有坐到公車 可能就是上學會比較久 ==民眾== 我們老人家是不能騎車子 也不會騎車子 你要罷工 我要怎麼辦 ==澎湖公共車船企業工會理事長 魏睿宏== 今天我們有這個動作 其實是對各個縣民朋友 真的是很抱歉 工會認為契約駕駛福利差,要求調整薪資、加發年終獎金、離島加給、子女生育教育補助等6點訴求。澎湖縣長陳光復強調,尊重駕駛罷工權,但大眾行的權益不能被忽視。 ==澎湖縣長 陳光復== 我是覺得我們現在大眾的 (民眾)行的權益還是要照顧 我們是希望他若是能盡快 依照勞動契約趕快回復工作 讓鄉親也享受這行的權益 陳光復表示,澎湖駕駛待遇福利已是全台最好,也沒超時問題,如果繼續罷工,將會依照契約與工作準則處理。工會昨天中午主動和縣府勞資協商,達成第三責任險由原本180萬提高至300萬,保費則由縣府給付七成與勞方付三成之後,隨即宣布罷工結束,今天恢復正常出勤。 記者 綜合報導