A property developer is accused of bankruptcy fraud at the expense of unwitting new homeowners. After buyers signed property contracts and made the down payment, the property developer used their properties as collateral to obtain loans from banks. Owners only came to realize that their home has been put on the foreclosure before the property was transferred to them. The property developer orchestrated the fraud all over Taiwan and made more than NT$200 million. Foreclosure signs are seen in front of the reception center after the property developer was accused of bankruptcy fraud. After she spent NT$14.6 million on a four-story house and signed a contract with the developer, Ms. Hsieh was told that the developer disappeared. After further investigations, victims found that the developer even used their new homes as collateral to obtain loans. ==MS. HSIEH, Victim== We used to drop by to check on the house. They even told us that we can move in pretty soon. How could they tell us to move in when the developer was ready to run away? Mrs. Tsai, who lost more than NT$7 million, said that she was able to reach the developer at first. The developer promised her to take care of this and even had a lawyer issue a statement. A few months have passed, the developer has never answered her call since. ==MS. HSIEH, Victim== The developer did it on purpose. We signed the contract already. It's not right to use our house as a collateral to borrow money before transferring it to us. ==HSU PANG-HAN, Deputy Sec-gen, Consumer Protection Association of Taiwan== This constitutes as a fraud. This is a big deal. The consumers' rights have been trampled upon. Under such circumstance, we suggest that these home buyers take it to the court to fight for their rights. The developer has been found to have received many payment orders by the court at the request of several creditors. The developer orchestrated the fraud all over Taiwan and made more than NT$200 million. So far, two victims in Kaohsiung have filed a lawsuit against the developer. TRANSLATED BY:LUKE CHIANG 本來有工作人員的接待中心也已經關門大吉,只剩法院拍賣的封條貼在門口。高雄有民眾指控遭建商惡意倒閉,半年前花1460萬,買下這棟四樓高的透天厝,民眾指控,簽約金以及交屋款付給建商後,卻被員工告知建商失蹤,無法交屋, 進一步清查,發現房子還被建商拿去向第三方借款,還設定抵押權。 ==受害民眾 謝小姐== 我們三不五時會過來看看 (接待中心人員)他那天還跟我說 你們準備交屋了 他們(建商)已經準備落跑了 你跟我說你們可以準備交屋了 除了謝小姐之外,另一名蔡太太則損失七百多萬,被害人指控建商惡意倒閉,民眾說,一開始建商 跟建商用通訊軟體對話,他還承諾會處理,甚至委託律師發聲明書,表明會負責,但幾個月過去了,建商避不見面,連手機也不接。 上午記者再次聯繫建商,同樣沒人接。 ==受害民眾 謝小姐== 他(建商)本來就故意呀 你已經簽約了 你怎麼可以拿去做抵押借款 你抵押借款 你房子就沒有辦法 過戶給我們 ==台灣消費者保護協會副秘書長 徐邦瀚== 這已經構成一個詐欺行為了啦 那這個是很要不得的事情了 消費權益就完全被罔顧掉了 所以說在這種情況下的話呢 就是說建議這個購屋者 要透過法律程序 來爭取自己的一個公道 受害民眾進一步追查發現,這名建商已經被多名債權人請求法院發支付命令來清還欠款,總金額恐怕超過2億,受害人恐怕遍及全台灣,目前高雄2名被害人已經提告,透過司法替自己討公道。 記者 王柔婷 孟昭權 高雄報導