Meanwhile in Tokyo, the first snow this year descended on the city on the morning of November 24th. This was the first time in 54 years that snow fell in November in the Japanese capital. On November 24th, snowflakes were falling at 4:30 am in Okutama Machi, a town located northwest of Tokyoto. Later at 6:15, snow began to fall in the center of Tokyo. ==HIRAI NOBUYUKI, Weather Forecaster== The reason for the snow is because the low air pressure from the south has caused the strong cold wave to travel southward. The center of Tokyoto will see heavy snow before noon. According to the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA), snow started to fall in mountain areas in Kanto region at night on November 23rd. Later on, the rain in the plain started to turn into snow. Tokyo, Yokohama, and Kofu also saw snow early in the morning. It was the first time in 54 years that these areas had snow in November. ==RESIDENT Tokyo== Feels like winter is here all of a sudden. ==RESIDENT Tokyo== I can't believe it! First November snow in 54 years. Following the JMA's snow forecast on November 23rd, drivers went to car maintenance plants to put snow chains on their vehicles while others went to the stores to get snow shovels or warming stoves and kerosene. Fortunately, no train or flight services have been affected so far. The JMA expected a 2-cm snowfall in Tokyoto and a 25-cm snowfall in Hokkaido area by November 25th. Residents in these areas are advised to have anti-cold and anti-slip equipment before going out. TRANSLATED BY:LUKE CHIANG 白色雪花不斷飄落,日本時間凌晨四點半,東京都西北方的奧多摩町,下起了今年第一場雪。東京的市中心,也在當地清晨6點15分,開始下雪。 ==氣象預報員 平井信行== 會下雪原因是南方海面的低氣壓 牽引這邊像冬天的強烈寒流南下 造成下雪 東京都中心中午前 將是下雪最多的時刻 日本氣象廳表示,從23號晚間開始,關東區域的山麓地帶開始下雪,平地則是在凌晨到清晨時間,由下雨轉為下雪,東京、神奈川橫濱跟山梨甲府,都在清晨下起初雪,是54年來,首次在11月下初雪。 ==東京居民== 感覺像是冬天突然來了 ==東京居民== 感覺睽違54年了 真的下了11月雪耶 由於23號開始,日本氣象廳就已經先預測會下雪,23號晚間,汽車駕駛們忙著到修理廠,加掛輪胎雪鍊。居民、商家等,也湧入賣場購買除雪鏟,而擔心氣溫驟降的民眾,則是排隊購買暖爐煤油。所幸暫時沒有列車、航班受到影響。 氣象廳預估,到25號清晨為止,預計東京都中心將積雪2公分高,而北海道地區,到明天為止,將積雪達25公分,提醒民眾外出穿戴防寒、防滑裝備,避免受傷。 記者 陳詩童報導