In other news, a Chinese woman who has been on the run for 13 years has been extradited from the United States back to China. As former deputy director of the Construction Bureau in Zhejiang Province, Yang Xiuzhu has been one of the most wanted fugitives by Beijing, as she may very well be the key to incriminating former Chinese President Jiang Zhe-min's cronies of corruption charges.

Escorted by two female police officers, the 70-year-old Yang Xiuzhu was the last passenger exited from the plane. Yang surrendered herself to the Chinese authorities and therefore she was not handcuffed. Born in 1946, Yang once participated in the Cultural Revolution. She worked her way up to the deputy director of the Construction Bureau of Zhejiang Province. She was allegedly accepting briberies since 1980s. After inspector started to investigate her, Yang fled from China in 2003. The amount of money involved was exceeding RMB250,000,000. Yang became one of the top 100 most-wanted fugitive officials listed by the Chinese Government.

Yang was hiding overseas for thirteen years; she tried seeking asylum from France and Netherlands but got declined. Yang again trying to apply for asylum from the U.S. but later decided to turn herself in. She was deported from Texas for China on November 15.

==GENG SHUANG, China MOFA Spokesperson==
Yang Xiuzhu's return is a significant result of China-U.S. cooperation on anti-corruption and law enforcement. China expresses appreciation to the U.S. and relevant countries for their assistance and coordination.

According to the Epoch Times report, Yang's prop in Zhejiang Province was the Party Secretary Zhang De-jiang. Zhang was promoted by the Chinese former President Jiang Ze-min. Chinese authorities believe Yang holds leading information to the corrupted senior officials, therefore her extradition was significant for authorities to crack down corruptions. Yang may have already made a plea bargain for an extenuation of the crimes she committed.


中國通緝犯, 前浙江省建設廳副廳長【楊秀珠】在逃亡海外13年後,被從美國遣返回中國。中國政府宣稱這是國際合作打擊貪腐,但有香港體報導指出,這可能是當權派加強掃蕩江澤民派系。



==中國外交部發言人 耿爽==


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