The Longgang Branch of the Taoyuan City Library was built at a cost of NT$200 million and has been hailed as the most beautiful library in Taiwan. It was built with natural wood to create the atmosphere of reading under the trees. It also comes with a new immigrants area with multicultural elements such as books for new immigrants. Let's take a look. On the outside, the library looks like a bookshelf. There are 45 books, symbolic of the fact that each book is a rich world. The library has a large number of wooden elements and wooden tables and chairs, to create a simple, calm space. It cost NT$200 million to build the Taoyuan Municipal Library Longgang Branch. It was completed in December last year, and was hailed on the internet as the most beautiful library in Taiwan. ==MEMBER OF PUBLIC== It looks very pretty and eye-catching, different from the normal libraries. ==MEMBER OF PUBLIC== This library looks really comfortable, and the children feel at ease here too. The four-story high, 2-basement level library has a total area of nearly 2,000 pings. It was designed by architect Lu Jun-ting, who wanted an echo of reading, drinking tea and chatting under trees. ==LU JIUN-TING, architect== The livelihood under the tree should not be disrupted because of the building. The entrance hall is welcoming and full of greenery. Allowing people to enjoy reading the newspaper under the old tree. The library used to be part of the military dependents' village. There were military dependents from Yunnan, Thailand and Myanmar, plus many new immigrants. Therefore, in the planning stages, the Longgang Library planned multi-cultural elements, in particular the establishment of a book collection for new immigrants. ==WEN LIN-LIN, Longgang Branch Taoyuan Public Library Director== These are the new immigrants' publications, and the publications from Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines are all available. This most beautiful library in Taiwan is just starting to face its test. The maintenance costs for all the natural wood are high. Just the outdoor wood maintenance and painting can easily cost NT$2 million. Many visitors come to the library on the weekend to take pictures there, affecting the reading environment which is another challenge for the library. TRANSLATED BY:CLARE LEAR 耗資2億打造的桃園市立圖書館--龍岡分館,用原木打造,還特別成立了新住民館藏特色區,網友說這是最美圖書館。 圖書館的外觀就是書架,上面擺了45本書,象徵每本書都有一個豐富世界的設計概念,館內以大量木元素和木質桌椅,打造出質樸、沉穩空間,耗資2億元打造的桃園市立圖書館龍岡分館,去年12月落成後,被網友譽為此生必去的最美圖書館。 ==民眾== 感覺非常漂亮 感覺非常亮眼 跟一般圖書館不太一樣的感覺 ==民眾== 因為這個圖書館真的 看起來真的很舒服 然後小朋友在這邊 也都很自在 這棟地上4層、地下2層,總面積將近2000坪的圖書館,由建築師盧俊廷負責設計,呼應民眾在樹下喝茶聊天的常民生活,營造樹下閱讀的氣氛。 ==建築師 盧俊廷== 在樹下的常民生活 不要因為這棟房子 蓋起來就消失了 它要繼續的延續 入口用一個低矮親切的綠意大廳 希望他們還是在 老樹下看報紙的感覺 而圖書館前身是眷村,有雲南、泰國緬甸的軍眷,加上許多新住民。因此,龍岡圖書館規畫時,設定以多元文化為特色,特別成立新住民館藏特色區。 ==中壢龍岡圖書館主任 溫琳琳== 這一區是我們新住民的期刊 包括泰緬 印尼 越南 菲律賓等國的期刊 在這裡都可以找得到 而這個全台最美圖書館,考驗才要開始,大量原木保養維護所費不貲,光是戶外原木保養上漆,動輒2百萬元,還有假日大量遊客前來朝聖拍照,影響閱讀環境也都是圖書館的難題。 記者 詹淑雲 桃園報導