On November 1st, the merger of National Tsing Hua University and National Hsinchu University of Education officially took effect. However, many still protested against the merger. Some students expressed their discontent over the flawed procedure and staged a hunger strike. NTHU stated that the merger would definitely have an impact on the students and faculty members for the short term, but the university would continue to communicate with them to shorten the painful transition period. Students and alumni were gathering in front of National Hsinchu University of Education to take pictures because the university was to be officially merged into National Tsing Hus University on November 1st. ==STUDENT, former National Hsinchu University of Education== People say that we are lucky because we are now NTHU students. I am not happy at all because NHUE went into history. The Affiliated Experimental Elementary School of National Hsinchu University of Education was also renamed because of the merger. The NTHU president emphasized that the university will promote interdisciplinary programs that combine education, arts, and technology. However, the merger was faced with many protests. A student even staged a hunger strike. ==HSU GUANG-CHENG, Former President, Students' Association at NTHU== What's crucial is the allocated student numbers and budgets. The university says no resources will be taken away, but these are the problems that the merger will cause. The previous versions of development plans were much more comprehensive than the latest version that has crossed out the development plans for many departments and institutes. ==HSIEH HSIAO-CHIN, Vice President, Office of Student Affairs at NTHU== The additional information requested by the Ministry of Education does not affect the merger. The budget will still be the same and even more flexible. However, this process involves administration procedure, which students may not be familiar with. In recent years, the Ministry of Education has been pushing for university mergers, but only 7 mergers were successful. The mergers that are under way have also been met with controversies. After the success of the merger of NTHU and NHUE, a student put on a hunger strike to express discontent. NTHU stated that they will continue to communicate in order to shorten the painful transitional period and showcase the benefits of the merger as soon as possible. TRANSLATED BY:LUKE CHIANG 學生、校友紛紛回到母校來拍照留念,校門口斗大的新竹教育大學校牌即將卸字,因為竹教大在今天11月1號正式合併成為清華大學,學生們的心情也五味雜陳。 ==原新竹教育大學學生== 大家都說我們很狡猾 僥倖地變成清大生 可是我覺得 這其實一點都不值得開心 因為我們竹教大就此消失 原本的竹大附小也正式更名為清華大學附小,成為繼政大附小後國內第2所頂尖大學附設小學,未來將著重雙語教育,而針對剛併入的竹教大,校長強調會推動有關教育、藝術跟科技結合的新學習領域,不過併校也出現了很多反彈聲浪,有清大學生不滿過程有瑕疵,發起絕食抗議。 ==前清大學生會長 徐光成== 真正關鍵的那些員額 經費 什麼的都以我們合併前 不要去謀奪別人家產 來回地這樣的討論 可是這個東西才會真正去 引發合併之後帶來的問題 早些年的計畫書 甚至都寫得更完整 這次的計畫書 很多院系發展的內容都被刪掉了 ==清大學務長 謝小芩== 教育部所要求的 要補充說明的部分 這個並沒有真正改變合校的內涵 也就是說經費補助的狀況 是一樣的 而且甚至彈性更大 但是因為這個過程當中 牽涉高等教育行政作業的流程 對學生來講 他可能並不了解 近年來教育部積極推動大學整併,過去幾年,只有嘉義、東華等7組大學成功整併,目前正在進行中,像是政大和台科大,交大和陽明等6組公立大學合併案,也引發不少爭議,清大和新竹教大雖然成功合併,但也引發不滿學生絕食抗議,清大表示,會持續溝通協調,減少衝繫,縮短磨合期,希望儘快展現出合校的效益。 記者 綜合報導