The 14th Taiwan LGBT Pride parade took place on Oct 29. The theme of this year's parade is "Honor Diversity , like you mean it", meaning say no to Fake Friendliness that is true prejudice. The aim of the event was to promote awareness and support for marriage equality for all. Over 80,000 people attended the parade. Rainbow flag was raised at the Taipei City Government building, and President Tsai Ing-wen also posted a message on her Facebook page, supporting the LGBT community. With giant rainbow flags leading the parade, huge crowds of people from both Taiwan and abroad marched to the Ketagalan Boulevard at the 14th Taiwan LGBT Pride parade. Attendees held placards with gender equality messages. Some dressed up in cosplay. Political parties also voiced their support. However, for many in the LGBT community, discrimination is still very much present under the guise of gender friendliness. ==PARTICIPANT== I have seen many people who said "I don't reject gay people, but I don't want them to come near me." People might also say they think being gay is fine, but they don't want to see gay couples kissing in public. ==PARTICIPANT== Some parents may say they accept gay people but still think they prefer their son to like girls. ==PARTICIPANT== If you are openly gay, people may say they're ok with it, but you will often encounter obstacles in the workplace. The theme of this year's Taiwan LGBT Pride parade is "Say No to Fake Friendliness". The LGBT community wants to achieve marriage equality by legalizing same-sex marriage. ==CHIEN TSU-CHIEH, Sec-Gen. Taiwan Alliance. to Promote Civil Partnership. Rights== The Ministry of Justice's policy position remains the same. They still propose a separate same-sex civil partnership. We think that this is fake friendliness because this means the LGBT community cannot enjoy the same marriage equality. We hope the Ministry of Justice can present their official response to the marriage equality bill currently under review in the legislature. The Justice Ministry should proposes their marriage equality bill to be passed by the end of the year. Taiwan LGBT Pride parade has been celebrated for over a decade. The number of participants grew from a mere hundreds to 78,000 last year. This year, the organizer expected to see over 80,000 people. They hope this annual event can raise awareness for diversity and help the society learn to recognize and embrace differences. Tsai Ing-wen also voiced her support as the president of Taiwan on her Facebook page for the first time and urged legislators to do the right thing and support marriage equality. TRANSLATED BY:CHRISTINA LIU 第14屆同志大遊行今天登場,今年主題是要打破假友善、真歧視的觀念,訴求社會大眾能夠打從心底、支持多元成家,現場約有八萬多人走上街頭,以行動支持性別平權,台北市政府也首度掛彩虹旗表示支持,蔡英文總統更在臉書上發文響應。 兩側的巨型彩虹旗帶領遊行隊伍出發,上萬民眾走上凱道,第十四屆同志大遊行登場,許多人都舉起性別平權的標語,還有外國人cosplay、盛裝打扮來台灣共襄盛舉,各政黨也都跳出來表達力挺,不過在這個看似性別平權觀念日益開放的時代,對很多同志朋友來說,卻是包著糖衣的性別歧視。 ==遊行民眾== 其實身邊真的有很多人會說 我真的不排斥同志 但是你們不要靠近我 或是我覺得同志真的沒有關係 可是你們在我面前接吻 我真的很不舒服 ==遊行民眾== 有些父母也許是表面上接受 他們可能還是會覺得說 還是希望自己的小孩子 可以喜歡女生(異性) ==遊行民眾== 跟他說你是同志 他就說沒有關係 但是多多少少在工作上 會遇到一些困難 今年同志遊行的主題就是要打破社會對於同志假友善、真歧視的態度,他們更要直接爭取婚姻平權,讓法案儘速通過。 ==台灣伴侶權益推動聯盟秘書長 簡至潔== 過去法務部的政策立場 還是同性伴侶法 那我們就是要訴求 同性伴侶法就是假友善 因為同性伴侶法 就是把同志隔離出來 然後讓同志不能享有婚姻資格 我們希望法務部也能夠 回應現在立法院婚姻平權法案 法務部也盡速提出婚姻平權法案 讓我們在今年可以通過婚姻平權 台灣同志遊行一路走過十幾個年頭,從最初數百人成長至去年的7.8萬人,今年主辦單位表示號召8萬多人參與,透過每一年的嘉年華活動,希望能讓社會看見多元,真正認同、接納差異。蔡英文今年也首度以總統身份,在臉書表態支持婚姻平權,希望所有委員能本著自己的價值判斷及民意走向,針對修法表達意見。 記者 朱芷儀 吳嘉堡 台北報導