Released sailor returns Taiwan, kneels down in thanks / 遭海盜綁架獲釋 輪機長返台痛哭下跪謝恩          

Fishing vessel Naham 3rd's chief engineer Shen Jui-chang, who was kidnapped by Somali pirates nearly five years ago, finally returned to Taiwan. He thanked everyone for praying and helping his family with efforts to bring him back home. Indeed it was a very emotional moment at the airport, especially when Shen met the son of the deceased boat captain. The captain, surnamed Chung, was killed when the pirates took over Naham 3rd. Shen recounted what happened on the day of tragedy. The boat chief engineer Shen Jui-chang who was kidnapped by Somali pirates for nearly five years finally returned to Taiwan on October 26. He was very emotional. ==SHEN JUI-CHANG, Naham 3 Chief Engineer== So many good-hearted people in Taiwan paid their money and efforts to rescue me out, I am very touched, very touched. Otherwise, I would had been locked up in Somalia and not be able to return home. ==MS SHEN, Shen Jui-chang's eldest daughter== It had been nearly five years, it had been a long time. We thought of my dad could have jailed there and no one cared. And my family was not able to do anything for my dad. ==LI CHUAN-HUNG, WEGO Charitable Assn. President== (Shen thinks) those 20-year-old young lives had lost two, could he leave them behind? He insisted that everyone should die together, he would not return home without them. I think this is a course of life, a shining glory of human benevolence. The weak chief engineer was in the arms of his wife, when he met the son of the deceased boat captain, Shen knelt down and said the boat captain was very brave, and he regrets that he was not able to take the captain's remain home. ==SHEN JUI-CHANG and SON OF THE LATE BOAT CAPTAIN== When pirates came up, the captain used a chair to resist, he wanted to protect me. And then he was shot to death. (Uncle, thank you. As his son, I am kneeling down to thank you, really.) Sorry, I am sorry, your father's body, I am not able to take him home. After leaving the airport, Shen went to Hsin Tian Gong to worship and pray. He thanked for blessings from everyone. He said that he could never imagine being able to return to Taiwan. He used to live and wake up with fears every day, now he only wants to get a good rest. TRANSLATED BY:ANTHONY LIN 遭到索馬利亞海盜綁架近5年台灣籍輪機長沈瑞章,26號終於重返國門,沈瑞章難掩激動情緒。 ==台灣籍輪機長 沈瑞章== 台灣的善心人士 這麼多人都出錢出力 把我救出來 真的是很感動 很感動 不然我就在索馬利亞 沒有辦法回來了 ==沈瑞章的大女兒== 快五年也很久啦 也想過他 會不會就在那裡 然後沒有人管他 然後我們家卻不能做什麼 ==薇閣文教基金會董事長 李傳洪== (沈認為)這些都20幾歲的生命 已經死掉2個人了 我能夠棄之於不顧嗎 要死大家一起死 我不能偷生回來 我覺得這是生命課程 人生的光輝 虛弱的沈瑞章在妻子攙扶下緩緩步出機場,看到遇劫喪命船長鍾徽德的兒子來接機,又淚流滿面痛哭下跪,一再強調船長很勇敢,遺憾沒辦法帶回船長遺體。 ==沈瑞章 vs 船長兒子== 海盜上來 拿椅子反抗 要保護我 結果一槍就 被打死了 伯父 謝謝啦 我做兒子的給你跪下 真的啦 不好意思 對不起啦 你老爸的遺體 我無能為力帶回來 離開機場後,沈瑞章先到台北行天宮拜拜,感謝神明保佑,也由衷感謝善心人士幫忙,談到獲釋心情,輪機長沈瑞章表示,沒想到自己還能回到台灣,只是被海盜囚禁每一天都在惶恐中渡過,也常常睡覺被嚇醒,現在最想好好休息。 記者 詹淑雲 邱福財 桃園 台北報導