It is 16 days until the US election and in national polls the Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is pulling ahead of the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. While Clinton is now working to change the balance in the Senate by campaigning in traditionally Republican states, Trump is still dogged by multiple allegations of sexual assault. According to the latest ABC polls, Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton leads Trump by 50 % against Trump's 38%. This is a rise of 12% from ten days ago, when Clinton had a 4 percent lead over Trump. Trump has not only lost female voters in droves, polls of white male voters, previously a solid demographic for Trump, are now supporting Clinton by a majority for the first time. The Republicans have to win white male voters to stand a chance of election. 65% of polls find that people do not agree with Trump's frequent pronouncements on not accepting the outcome of the election. Eleven women have now come forward to accuse Trump of sexual assault. Trump announced how he wants to handle the accusation. ==DONALD TRUMP Republican presidential candidate== All of these liars will be sued after the election. Hillary Clinton and the Democrats are standing firm and continuing the last two weeks of their campaign. In addition to key Democratic states they are campaigning in traditionally Republican states using a message of reconciliation and solidarity. ==Democratic presidential candidate HILLARY CLINTON== I understand that they need a president who cares about them and listens to them and I want to be their president too. Clinton is concentrating on supporting Democratic senate candidates by fund raising and campaigning. The Democrats are optimistic about gaining control of the Senate which they can do, if they gain four more seats. The 60 seat Republican majority in the House of Representatives is hard to overturn, even with Trump's knock-on effect draining Republican support. TRANSLATED BY:CLARE LEAR 根據美國廣播公司ABC的最新全國性民調,希拉蕊柯林頓以50%的支持度,領先川普的38%,領先幅度從十天前的4%快速成長到12%。對川普陣營而言大事很不妙,不但婦女票輸得一敗塗地,過去領先優勢最多的男性選民,希拉蕊首次取得了領先。共和黨非得大贏不可的白人選民,川普只領先四個百分點,兩者都縮小到誤差值以內。 川普日前暗示可能不接受敗選結果,65%選民都不認同,儘管改口只要公正就接受,麻煩還沒了。目前已經有超過十名女性站出來指控川普過去性騷擾,鹹豬手的惡行,包括一名成人影片女星德蕾克指控他強吻,要求共度春宵。 ==共和黨總統候選人 川普== 等到選舉結束 這些騙子們 全都會被我告 希拉蕊柯林頓陣營則是站穩腳步,展開最後兩個禮拜的衝刺,除了關鍵州,也積極向傳統共和黨的地盤進攻,打出和解團結牌。 ==民主黨總統候選人 希拉蕊柯林頓== 我了解 (川普支持者) 需要一個關心他們 願意傾聽他們的總統 我也想當他們心目中的那個總統 希拉蕊以領先者姿態向前衝,不再理會有關川普的爭議,她也擔起母雞角色,幫民主黨的參眾議員候選人爭取資金並且站台。民主黨樂觀評估,這次參議院改選三分之一席次後,民主黨可望奪回多數黨地位。而在眾議院儘管落後共和黨60席,難以逆轉,但在川普效應持續發酵的幫助下,民主黨席次也可望大有進步。 記者 施慧中 報導

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