Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je is committed to demolishing illegal structures. However,the pressure from council representatives and the lack of manpower preventd the effort. There are currently more than 8,000 illegal structures in Taipei city. The Construction and Planning Agency is proposing to enforce stricter laws while the Taipei City Government is raising the fees for forcible demolition fivefold. However, the real estate industry believes that those measures will not bring the intended results. Shipping containers are placed around the basketball court near Taipei World Trade Center. They are unregistered and the structures do not meet the regulations. The contractors have been requested by the city government to remove these containers. ==WORKER== The law limits the height of these structures to less than 2 meters. (So they are illegal because of the height?) Yes. Since taking office, Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je has been committed to addressing the city's huge number of illegal structures. However, insufficient manpower and pressure from council representatives have limited the removal number to only 150 each month. The city government announced that it will take a gradual step towards tearing down illegal structures built before 1994 but will force demolitions of the 8,492 existing illegal structures built after 1995. New regulations have also kicked off in 2015. ==KO WEN-JE, Taipei City Mayor== Houses built after September 2015 cannot contain illegal structures. Let's first put a stop to the ones in newly-built projects. As for the ones built before that, I'm still thinking about it. All in all, we should come up with a solution to illegal structures. ==HUNG TE-HAO, Section Chief, Dept. Illegal Building Control== If there is no just cause or new evidence for cases backed by council representatives, we will still force the demolition. According to the Construction and Planning Agency, the number of illegal structures in the country has exceeded 660,000 by August. Realtors believed that high housing price and huge population are the causes behind the staggering number. ==HSU CHIA-HSIN, Real Estate Agent== In addition to imposing penalty, it is also important to think about relaxing regulations to meet the needs of the general public. The agency will amend the laws to impose a fine of NT$500,000 on those who refuse to remove illegal structures. Meanwhile, the Taipei City Government will raise the fees for forcible demolitions by 5 times. However, the real estate industry believes that both measures will not create the intended results. It suggests that the government relax the regulations on illegal structures in order to solve the problem. TRANSLATED BY:LUKE CHIANG 台北市長柯文哲上任後,對違建祭出鐡腕政策,強拆之外其實也面臨民代關說和拆除人力不足的困境,也讓違建案拆也拆不完,台北市目前還有8千多件待拆案,全國更是有66萬件違建案,營建署祭出重罰,北市也提高強拆費用達5倍,希望嚇阻違建增長,但房仲業認為效果很有限。 經常舉辦比賽的台北市世貿附近知名籃球場,貨櫃屋沒有申請就堆放,鐵圍籬高出法令2公尺,都算是違建,承包商在北市府要求下,正趕工拆除。 ==工人== 法規問題 這個它只能兩米高 (所以是因為它不合法太高了) 對 對 台北市長柯文哲上任後,強勢拆違建,但違建數量仍排縣市前三名,建管處礙於人力有限,加上民代關說,一個月只能拆150件,以及輔導民眾自行拆除,而北市違建以1994年分界,1994年以前既存違建可緩拆,1995年後新違建,全市有8492件待拆,2015年起就以建築法規限制違建。 ==台北市長 柯文哲== 104年9月以後蓋的房子 都不會再有違建 我要先擋住這個 那前面的再看看要怎麼處理 這違建還是要有一個根本的處理辦法 不然抓不勝抓 ==北市府建管處正工程司 洪德豪== 民意代表陳情的個案 如果沒有正當理由或新事證 還是會依規定去定期拆除 至於營建署統計,全國違建量至八月已突破66萬件,房仲業認為,高房價和人口多才導致違建量,無法下降。 ==房仲業者 徐佳馨== 可能要思考就是說 一方面是所謂罰則的部分 二方面來說的話或許 是不是應該檢討一些建築法規 來做一些對民眾而言 可能更貼近實際生活的設計 營建署打算修法,針對未自行拆除者最高重罰50萬,北市也將強拆費用提高5倍,希望達到嚇阻作用,但房仲業認為效果不大,與其重罰不如修法,符合人民生活需求,放寬違建認定,才能根本解套。 記者 李曉儒 邱福財 台北報導