Refugee children from the French refugee camp at the port of Calais were brought legally to the UK. Those with relatives in the UK or who are alone, are now allowed to enter the UK. The first batch arrived on Oct. 17 and were welcomed by relatives. The refugee camp, known as the Jungle, is set to be forcibly dismantled and the UK has already built a wall around the channel tunnel, the undersea rail connection between the UK and France. Fourteen children aged between 14 and 17 from the Calais refugee camp, known as the Jungle, arrived in south London to register at the immigration agency, meet with their relatives and begin their new lives. This man from Afghanistan has waited for 11 years to meet his younger brother again. ==ASIF UK Afghan== I feel so wonderful, so excited, so happy to see him again after 11 years. I am just waiting for him to come out so I can hug him and give him big kisses. That's how I feel. The Red Cross estimates that 1,000 unaccompanied children are living in the Jungle, of whom 178 have been identified as having family ties to Britain. It has said some of these children have been held back by bureaucracy. In the coming week, another 100 children will come to the UK from the camp. Religious leaders, refugee rights campaign groups and opposition parties have worked together to bring the children to the UK. ==ROWAN WILLIAMS Former Archbishop of Canterbury == Thank God that they have. It has been a long wait and that's why today is certainly something that we welcome but it has been a long wait and a day when we want to remind people of the urgency. Britain has sent out a team to work with the French authorities to identify children who can be brought to Britain under the terms of a change to British immigration law known as the Dubs amendment. The Dubs amendment is named after the politician who proposed it, Alf Dubs, who came to Britain as a Jewish child refugee fleeing Nazi persecution. TRANSLATED BY:CLARE LEAR 14名年約14到17歲的加萊難民,17號搭乘巴士抵達倫敦南部的克羅伊登,在英國移民單位報到後,就能正式跟在英國當地的親人團聚。來自阿富汗的阿塞夫,等了11年終於能跟弟弟團聚,難掩心中的喜悅。 ==阿富汗難民 阿塞夫== 我覺得很美好 非常興奮 11年之後還能見到他真的很開心 我在等他出來 給他擁抱跟大大的親吻 這就是我的感覺。 國際紅十字會估計,在加萊難民營約有1千名沒有成人監護的兒童,其中178人已證明在英國有親屬,但因繁瑣的行政文件處理程序,不少兒童遲遲未能獲准入英。 預計本周還有約100名未成年的加萊難民,會陸續抵達英國。大力推動加萊未成年難民安置計畫前的,前坎特伯里大主教也重申,安頓加萊難民,尤其是未成年的小難民,有高度的急迫性。 ==英國前坎特伯里大主教 羅溫威廉== 感謝上帝他們終於抵達了 這是一段漫長的等待 這也是為何我們 都很期待這一天的原因 這一天也提醒著民眾 加萊難民問題的急迫性 加萊市位於法國北部,鄰英吉利海峽,與對岸的英國相望,是連接英法的海底隧道入口。來自阿富汗,敘利亞,伊拉克跟北非動亂國家的難民,多年來聚集在加萊伺機而動,隨時準備跳上卡車偷渡到英國。加萊難民營被外界稱為叢林,裡面自己成一格,有自己的商店甚至學校,但也是衛生與治安的死角。法國總統歐蘭德指示今年底前拆除加萊叢林難民營,英國當局也耗資約一億台幣,開始在加萊通往港口的公路上,修築長約965公尺,高4公尺的圍牆,阻擋加萊難民偷渡,預計在今年底前完工。 記者 靳元慶 報導