Successive typhoons have caused multiple mudslides at several sections along the South-link highway. Now that traffic has finally been restored, another typhoon is coming. The Directorate-general of Highways says it will close off the entire highway once the force of the storm reaches a certain level. Meanwhile, we would like to remind you that all passenger boats to and from Green Island and Lanyu will be suspended tomorrow. Suffering from days of torrential rains, the mountain in Taitung County had been seriously damaged by several typhoons. The Mt. Doulan seemed like a human face hurt by mudslides. There is a long trace, which looks like a crying beautiful face. ==CHEN CHEN-HSIEN, Chu Lu Ranch Manager== There seemed to have mudslides occurred at the Mt. Doulan. The position of the mudslides was right at the eye of the Sleeping Beauty. ==TOURIST== Recently there are too many natural disasters, I feel like to shed some tears of sadness. The section between Daniao and Jinlun of the South-link Highway had resumed for traffics. The Directorate-general of Highways reminds all road users that if Typhoon Haima were to become more threatening, road sections may be blocked for safety. ==CHEN YUNG-CHAN, Dawu Section Chief, Dir.-general of Highways== We are repairing the section between Daniao and Jinlun. The geology is soft and road is broken. We will block the section when it is threatening. Typhoon Haima is heading closer to Taiwan from the southeast direction of the Pacific. The Central Weather Bureau will issue a sea warning. The ferry lines between Taitung and the Green Island will be suspended depends on the weather condition. TRANSLATED BY:ANTHONY LIN 台東縣海岸山脈在飽受接連颱風豪雨過後,都蘭山躺臥的人臉形狀的山,由於受到土石流侵蝕,在人臉眼睛部位刮出一條長長的痕跡,像是在流淚。 ==初鹿牧場場長 陳振賢== 都蘭山好像有 土石流 山崩的位置 位置剛好在那個 睡美人的眼窩的地方 ==遊客== 最近的災情太多了 覺得流下那個傷心的眼淚 受到土石流危害的還有南迴公路大鳥到金崙山區路段,已經恢復單線雙向通車,公路局提醒用路人,海馬颱風一旦風強雨大,不排除會封路進行管制。 ==公路局大武工務段長 陳永展== 金崙到大鳥這段施工路段 地質是軟弱 而且是破碎路段 這個路段我們 如果說萬不得已 我們就採行動的封路 海馬颱風正朝向台灣東南部海域前進,氣象局不排除會發布海上颱風警報,台東的客輪業者也宣布疏運綠島遊客回台東後就停開,21號再視天候狀況再決定要不要開船,提醒遊客要注意。 記者 章明哲 台東報導