Anti-gambling wins, Magistrate requests help / 博弈公投未過 陳光復籲中央解決發展困境          

Penghu's second referendum showed that nearly 80% residents were against developing the gaming industry in the archipelago. Magistrate Chen Kuang-fu urged the central government to offer on practical solutions for Penghu's further development. After winning on the referendum, Penghu Anti-gambling Alliance members thanked voters the next morning. The second referendum result showed that nearly 80% voters voted against gambling development. That was 7,100 more no's than in the first referendum seven years ago. More importantly, the 6,210 voters who voted yes, the number was 39 less than the people who petitioned for the referendum. ==CHEN KUANG-FU, Penghu County Magistrate== President Tsai does not support gaming industry coming to Penghu. We hope in the next two or three years, the central government will provide solid solutions to these difficulties such as medical, transportation, employment, migration or infrastructural development. So, after saying no to gaming, what is Penghu's future? ==CHEN KUANG-FU, Penghu County Magistrate== We want to develop Penghu's green energy and tourism. Penghu has blue sky and beautiful coast line, we certainly will continue to work on tourism. But Penghu also have northeast monsoon which is disadvantageous to us. I urge fellow residents to think of a better way out. Although the pro-gaming alliance expressed the stance of not pushing for another referendum, Magistrate Chen said if there was another petition for a referendum in the next three years, he will act in accordance with law. TRANSLATED BY:ANTHONY LIN 感謝鄉親投下不同意票,澎湖反賭場聯盟一早掃街謝票。第二次博弈公投結果,反賭以八成票數大勝,比起七年前博弈公投結果,不同意票多出7千1百多票,更值得關注的是,6210張同意票比起送交連署人數還少39人。 ==澎湖縣長 陳光復== 小英總統不贊成博弈到澎湖來 我們希望這兩三年內 中央政府能對澎湖這些困境 能夠有具體的解決 不論醫療 不論交通 不論就業機會 不論人口外移 或是基礎建設等等 而澎湖民眾拒絕博弈之後,未來究竟要怎樣發展? ==澎湖縣長 陳光復== 澎湖的綠能發展 或是澎湖的觀光 澎湖有碧海藍天 有漂亮的海岸線 我們當然觀光還要繼續來發展 但是困境是因為有東北季風 這是對我們非常不利的 這方面能期待鄉親 來思考一條脫困的路 雖然促賭方已表示博弈公投不再重來,但陳光復也說,三年後若還有提出博弈公投連署,他還是會依法辦理。 記者 李淑蘭 許政俊 澎湖報導