In Myanmar, Aung San Suu kyi's administration has been putting her party's emblem, a peacock, on government buildings. However, in real life, Myanmese green peacocks are being pushed to the brink of extinction due to human activity. In Myanmar, peacocks have long enjoyed a special place in people's heart, but after Aung San Suu Kyi took office, their status was further elevated to the de facto emblem of the country, and can now be seen on several government buildings. This is because the insignia of Suu Kyi's party, the National League of Democracy, is a golden peacock. ==NYAN WIN, National League of Democracy spokesperson== Our country uses the peacock as the symbol of dignity. It was used during the era of Burmese Kings. At that time there was also peacock image on our currency. Peacocks used to be quite easy to find in Asia and could be found from Indonesia to India, but in recent years, Myanmar's green peacocks are on the brink of extinction, because their natural habitats have been one by one encroached upon by rural development. As a result, many of them are unable to find food or a place to call home. ==THET ZAW NAIN, Ornithologist and Wildlife Conservationist== It is easy to catch them at places where they live because they always walk on the ground. They sleep in the trees at night. Before they go to sleep, they always cry. That is why people can easily know where they are and easily catch them. According to experts, the number of wild peacocks in Myanmar has shrunk to a worrying 2,000. While Myanmar currently has a wildlife conservation act in place, it is not effectively enforced. ==THET ZAW NAIN, Ornithologist and Wildlife Conservationist== Most important thing is to educate and inform people about how these peacocks are precious for human being and how Myanmar should be proud to have peacock. Experts worry that without raising the public's awareness of wildlife protection, peacocks will soon exist only in zoos. TRANSLATED BY:JEFF CHANG 孔雀緬甸的國徽。因為過去翁山蘇姬領導的政黨,不過真正活生生的緬甸野生綠孔雀,現在正因為人類的關係,瀕臨絕種的危機。 被華人視為吉祥物的孔雀,也是深受緬甸人喜愛的動物。現在更成為國家重要象徵。因為過去三十年,由緬甸民主鬥士翁山蘇姬所領導的全國民主聯盟,就是以孔雀做為黨徽。大選時,緬甸媒體就常拿孔雀對戰以獅子為黨徽的軍政府來做文章。現在全民盟執政,政府大樓到處可看到孔雀圖騰。 ==全國民主聯盟發言人 吳年溫== 我們用孔雀當國徽象徵尊嚴 這是緬甸王朝期間所使用的徽章 當時我們的貨幣上也有孔雀 孔雀過去在亞洲很常見,從印度到印尼都有牠們的身影。不過現在緬甸的綠孔雀品種,卻有滅絕的危機。因為野生的綠孔雀在郊區的棲息地,被人類大量開發,造成牠們棲息覓食困難。 ==鳥類學家兼保育專家 賽邵奈== 牠們很容易被抓到 因為就生活在地面 晚上則睡在樹上 孔雀睡前會發出特定叫聲 讓人類跟容易掌握牠的行蹤 專家表示緬甸野生孔雀的數量已經銳減到兩千隻。緬甸雖然有野生動物保護法,但並沒有真正落實。 ==鳥類學家兼保育專家 賽邵奈== 最重要的是教育告知民眾 孔雀對人類的珍貴性 能夠擁有孔雀是緬甸的驕傲 專家表示,如果無法有效推廣民眾的保育意識,未來只能到動物園才看得到孔雀了。 記者陳秋玫報導