Youngest Cabinet minister attends session on digital future / 手持虛擬實境機器 唐鳳首度立院備詢          

On October 4, Audrey Tang went to the Legislative Yuan for her first interpellation session. The 35-year-old, who isthe youngest Cabinet minister ever, attended the session with her VR goggles. She said that she wasn't particularly nervous. Audrey Tang, the youngest Cabinet minister ever to serve in Taiwan's government, walked into the Legislative Yuan with a pair of virtual reality goggles in her hands. Dressed all in black and with a ponytail, this was her first interpellative session at the Legislative Yuan. ==AUDREY TANG, cabinet minister== I feel the same as usual. This is not the first day for me. She also lent the VR goggles to media personnel. ==AUDREY TANG, cabinet minister== You can adjust the focus right over here. Later, you can just put them on without doing anything special. On Tang's table, there was a laptop and a 360 degree panoramic camera. During the break, her VR goggles attracted interest from legislators. As a cabinet minister, she seldom needs to answer questions. However, she was the focus of attention during this session, due to her youth. ==LIN CHUAN, Premier== In the future the country will see digitalization of industry and all government departments should also consider the importance of digital content, so cabinet minister Tang is here today. Every governmental department should take the digital world into consideration. Lin said he needs a cabinet minister to help promote the digital content industry. He hopes that Tang can drive interdepartmental communication and make related policies run more smoothly. TRANSLATED BY:ARIEL HSIEH 一身黑色褲裝,頭綁馬尾,行政院史上最年輕的政委唐鳳,優雅的走進立法院簽到,手裡還拿著VR虛擬實境機器,首度列席立法院的心情如何,他表示,跟平常一樣。 ==行政院政務委員 唐鳳== 跟平常一樣  也不是第一天 更大方的借媒體體驗VR。 ==行政院政務委員 唐鳳== 這邊可以調焦距 你等一下戴上去就好 不用特別做什麼 第一次列席,他的座位被安排在第一排的最右側,桌上擺筆電,還有360度環景相機,休息時間一到,拿出VR,引起不少人的興趣,立委何欣純還戴上體驗,儘管政委比較少上台備詢,但唐鳳的高人氣,成為不少立委質詢的焦點。 ==行政院長 林全== 你剛所提到的唐政務委員 他的來這邊主要是考量到 未來的整個國家產業發展 數位化的情況 是一定非常的多 而且非常重要 而且這個部分 不會只是在某一個部會 而應該是普遍 在政府的每個部會 都會考慮到類似的問題 林全表示,需要一位政委,來協助補強數位產業的推動,希望唐鳳能擔任跨部會溝通的工作,讓政策推動更廣更順利。 記者 郭采彥 吳其昌 台北報導