Hung Hsin-Chu will give briefings on modified policy / 和平政綱惹質疑 洪秀柱:近期將巡迴說明          

Kuomintang Chairwoman Hung Hsiu-chu's political platform to reduce cross-strait animosity has provoked discussion within the party. The former vice president Wu Deng-yih, who is currently in the US, criticized Hung for being out of tune with the KMT. Hung responded that if some party members did not understand, it did not matter, and she would take full responsibility. To resolve the issue of suspicion about the new policy site, she will begin a briefing tour soon. The Kuomintang amended its charter during a national party convention in September. One of the most notable changes was a modified cross-strait relations policy , in which the "1992 Consensus" is mentioned but a key clause concerning "separate interpretations of one China" is omitted. This has provoked discussion in the party with former vice president Wu Deng-yih, criticizing Hung as being out of step with the KMT. Hung responded that the peace policy was still based on the 1992 consensus, and the "separate interpretations of one China" was not omitted. ==HUNG HSIU-CHU KMT Party Chair (105.10.2)== The peace policy was passed by the highest authority in the party which is the national party convention. Of course we have to follow the decision, however, if people are doubtful about this or unclear about some parts, then we need to explain further and more fully. After he had seen Hung's explanation, Wu changed his tone and said he was not worried and he would have a face to face discussion with Hung on his return to Taiwan. In his speech to the overseas community in the US, Wu emphasized that only on the basis of the 1992 consensus and separate interpretations of one China, could there be peaceful development of the cross-strait relationship. He also criticized President Tsai Ing-wen. ==Former vice president WU DENG-YIH(105.10.1)== One choice is to go back to the 1992 consensus, and separate interpretations of one China, the other choice is President Tsai's. If she has some superior wisdom then she should think up a different statement than the 1992 consensus, with one China separate interpretations to resolve the deadlock and allow the two sides of the strait to rebuild a system of mutual trust. Wu advocates one China separate interpretations. Hung plans to take a tour around the island to brief the cities and counties on the modified cross-strait relations policy. TRANSLATED BY:CLARE LEAR 經過全代會最高權力機關一致通過的國民黨和平政綱,未談及一中各表,引發黨內兩岸路線之爭,前副總統吳敦義跨海重批國民黨主席洪秀柱,直說是洪秀柱跟國民黨不同調。對此,洪秀柱回應指出,「和平政綱」是以九二共識為基礎,沒有刪掉「一中各表」。 ==國民黨主席 洪秀柱 (105.10.2)== 政策綱領是經過最高權力機關 就是我們全代會一致通過的 當然我們要遵循 不過大家如果對這個還有些疑義 或是不清楚的地方 我們也是需要對外界 做更多的一個說明 因為看到了洪秀柱的說明,吳敦義改口表示,他放心了,回台後願意和洪秀柱會面討論,不過吳敦義在美國對僑胞的演講,更強調只有在「九二共識、一中各表」的基礎下,兩岸才能和平安穩定的發展,也對蔡英文總統提出建議。 ==前副總統 吳敦義(105.10.1)== 一個選擇就是 恢復九二共識 一中各表的主張 另外一個就是蔡總統 如果她有另外的好的智慧 她再去想出一個 跟九二共識 一中各表不一樣 但是能夠打開僵局 能夠讓兩岸重新建構一個 彼此互相信任的一個機制 這也是一個辦法 吳敦義主張九二共識,一中各表,而洪秀柱為了讓外界更認識和平政綱,也計劃在全省巡迴說明,新北市長朱立倫認為,國民黨現在最重要的事情就是不斷地改革。 記者 綜合報導