8 KMT mayors visit PRC Taiwan Affairs Office Minister / 爭取陸客來台 8縣市首長拜會張志軍          

In order to encourage more Chinese tourists to visit Taiwan, Eight city and county government leaders of Taiwan held a "breakthrough" meeting with Beijing officials on Sunday, urging China to seek ways to "reset and restart" cross-strait ties. After the meeting, China's Taiwan Affairs Office Minister Zhang Zhijun reiterated that China will continue to oppose Taiwan independence based on the 1992 consensus. However, Presidential Office Spokesperson Huang Chen-Yen responded that meaningful exchanges should not be based on any pre-requisites. Since the new president took office on May 20, the number of Chinese tourists visiting Taiwan has dropped. The tourism industry even took to the streets in protest. Eight KMT city and county mayors visited the minister of China's Taiwan Affairs Office, Zhang Zhijun to promote cross-strait tourism and cultural exchanges. The delegation also proposed plans for selling Taiwanese farm produce to China and setting up counterpart windows at a local level. Zhang said that since Taiwan's new administration does not recognize the 1992 Consensus, cross-strait exchanges have been hampered. ==ZHANG ZHIJUN, Minister, PRC Taiwan Affairs Office== Overall, we need to conduct cross-strait exchanges based on the 1992 Consensus. Cities on both sides of the Strait will be able to cooperate and move things forward if we both recognize this basis. Zhang reiterated that China will continue to oppose Taiwan independence based on the 1992 consensus, but he pledged to promote cross-strait cooperation, including exchanges between city and county mayors. However, presidential office spokesperson Huang Chung-Yen said that meaningful exchanges do not require any premises. ==HUANG CHUNG-YEN, Presidential Office Spokesperson== Both Taiwan and China are responsible for maintaining cross-strait peace. We should do everything we can to promote mutual understanding without any political premises. The Executive Yuan remarked that the tourism industry may be affected by the declining number of Chinese tourists. Thus, the government is working to diversify the tourism market, promote domestic travel, and innovate the products in order to attract Chinese tourists and provide support for Taiwan's tourism industry. TRANSLATED BY:CHRISTINA LIU 520後陸客來台人數變少,日前觀光旅行業者更走上街頭,為了拼觀光,藍營執政的8縣市長到北京拜會國台辦主任張志軍,並聯合提出希望大陸持續採購台灣農特產品、擴大兩岸觀光及文化交流、大陸各地旅遊局與台灣各地方政府建立窗口3項主張,張志軍在致詞時表示,由於台灣新的當局拒絕承認九二共識、不認同兩岸同屬一中,造成兩岸交流受阻。 ==中國國台辦主任張志軍== 總的想法是 只要在九二共識的政治基礎上 認同這樣一個政治基礎 明確兩岸這樣的 城市交流這樣一個性質的話 兩岸相關領域的交流合作 還是可以往前推的 張志軍重申,大陸將繼續堅持九二共識以上的基礎,堅決反對台獨,但承諾推動包括兩岸縣市長交流在內的更具體的交流合作,不過總統府發言人黃重諺則認為,真正有意義的交流,不需有前提。 ==總統府發言人 黃重諺= 維持兩岸間的和平穩定 是雙方共同的責任 那我們認為 只要有助於增進雙方互相了解 都是好事都應該去做 那當然也不需要 設有任何的政治前提 而行政院也表示,陸客減少可能會影響旅遊觀光產業,政府正積極開拓多元市場、擴大國內旅遊及創新產品來穩固陸客市場,也會協助陸客產業紓困及轉型。 記者 吳雅瑜 張國樑 台北報導

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