Catalonia protests for independence / 爭脫離西國獨立 80萬加泰隆尼亞人上街          

September 11th is the day which the Spain's King Philip V, conquered Barcelona in 1714. It 's also the national day for Catalonia. Some 800,000 people have turned out in Barcelona and other towns in Catalonia on a day of rallies by nationalists wishing to break with Spain.

For many years, Catalans have been asking for independence. Since 2012, major demonstrations in favor of independence have been held in Catalonia every year on its national day. Catalans gathered in Barcelona and four other cities, waving separatist flags and calling for independence.

==CARMEN SANTOS, Catalan==
People have a very aggressive attitude of determination. Let those politicians hear our voice.

Catalonia is one of the richest regions in Spain. Its GDP alone accounts for 19% of Spain's national GDP. In 2014, a non-binding referendum on independence was held, despite a block made by Spain's Constitutional Court. However, of the 5.4 million voters, only 1.6 million voted in favor of independence.

==CARLES PUIGDEMONT, President of Spanish Region of Catalonia==
This process (independence) has to be agreed with the Spanish government because that is what Catalans have chosen. I believe this is the solution and the most intelligent formula, the one that guarantees the best democratic and political development.

The Spanish government has tried to stop Catalans from having a second referendum and has refused to negotiate over any calls for independence. Spain threatens Catalans that an independent Catalonia would be rejected from the European Union and left outside the Euro currency. President Puigdemont of the Spanish Autonomous Region of Catalonia claims to want to break away from political negotiations with Spain; he implies that when it is necessary, he will unilaterally proclaim the independence of Catalonia.



==加泰隆尼亞居民 卡門桑圖絲==
人們以非常積極的態度 決定這樣做
這可以讓那些政客 傾聽我們的心聲


==加泰隆尼亞自治區主席 普依德蒙特==


今年新上任的加泰隆尼亞自治區主席 "普依德蒙特",主張與西班牙談判脫離,也暗示必要時刻,不排除片面宣佈獨立。

記者 陳詩童 報導