New ecological bridge opens in Gaomei Wetland / 造價2億.歷時2年 高美溼地景觀橋啟用          

Large wind turbines are common in Taichung's Gaomei wetland, but there's more for the tourists to explore now, as a new landscape bridge has been opened this month. The bridge cost the Taichung City Government NT$200 million and took 2 years to build. However local residents worry that narrow roads and insufficient car parking may lead to traffic problems. A new bridge has been opened to the public in Taichung's Gaomei Wetland. Now visitors will be able to stand on the bridge and enjoy the sunset without damaging the local habitat. ==TOURIST== We used to walk here just to see the sunset, but now we can walk on this bridge, it will attract more visitors and become a new landmark. People used to walk along tidal flats in Gaomei Wetland. However, ever since it became a nature reserve, only one trail is open to visitors. Therefore, the bridge provides a new option for people to enjoy sightseeing. ==TOURIST== Standing on the bridge to look at the view means that visitors don't go into the wetlands, and they can see further. With a width of 120 meters across the Qingshui River, the bridge's pillars were designed with a more ecological approach, to diminish the impact on the local environment. ==HUANG YU-LIN, Taichung City Gov. Construction Bureau Director-general== We won't use street lights or spotlights, to be more environmentaly friendly for insects. Spending NT$200 million and taking 2 years to construct, the city government hopes this bridge can combine with other local attractions, such as the Wuchi Harbor, to be a west coast visitor attraction. However, narrow roads and insufficient parking are still potential problems. TRANSLATED BY:MERVYN KWAN 走進清水高美溼地一看,高高的橋柱就像長開的漁網,看起來相當壯觀,走到橋上就有觀景台,可以在這吹海風看夕陽,台中清水高美溼地景觀橋正式啟用,還沒到假日,就吸引不少人潮。 ==遊客== 以前只有可以走這邊而已 這邊看夕陽 現在可以走這個 還可以當那個景點 一個座標這樣 以往民眾來到高美溼地, 就是在潮間帶走走,潮間帶劃作保護區後,頂多只能在步道上, 現在多了這座景觀橋, 民眾在這附近可以飽覽風光,橋下的生態,更是一覽無遺。 ==遊客== 從上面看 比較不會說去踩 然後看的範圍會比較大 這座橫跨清水大排的景觀橋,跨越120公尺寬的河面, 仔細看看沒有橋墩的設計,市府採用的是最新的生態工法,減少對環境的衝擊。 ==台中市建設局長 黃玉霖== 我們不會用高燈 我們不會用強光 我們是比較符合 我們周邊這一些昆蟲 生態的需要 做我們燈光的布置跟呈現 造價2億歷經兩年完成,市府希望結合梧棲漁港和週邊景點,成為海線的亮點之一,不過實際走一遭, 周邊道路狹窄, 如果一台遊覽車通過,可能無法會車,另外停車空間也不足,民眾希望可以改善動線,免得成了塞車瓶頸。 記者林健生、賴世杰 台中報導