Many participants of the Sunflower Movement were elected into the political system this year. Following HK's Occupy Central Movement, Nathan Law among others, were elected into the Legislative Council of HK. Members of the Sunflower Movement believe this shows that it is possible for young people to engage in politics, hoping to further increase communication between both sides into the future. The recent election results for HK's Legislative Council included Anti-Establishment candidates, such as the student leader of Occupy Central, Nathan Law, who will become the youngest council member in history. Onlookers from the Sunflower Movement see his transition into the system as a manifestation of the hope for young people. ==SAVUNGAZ VALINCINAN, Member of the Sunflower Movement== The voice of young people is beginning to be heard not only in their communities but by the political circles of the country at large. ==WU CHENG, Member of the Sunflower Movement== They've faced an even bigger challenge, and I'm very happy they were able to get a foot in the door during this election Having observed the progression of each other's movements, members of the Sunflower movement hope to continue to learn from each other going forward. Former lawyer for the Sunflower Movement, Chiu Hsien Chih, hopes Nathan Law and others may keep up their enthusiasm and vigor. ==CHIU HSIEN-CHIH, former voluntary lawyer for the Sunflower Movement== I'm confident that they have fewer resources than the Establishmentarians or the traditional Democratic Party members. They have relied on their own efforts all the way along, which will surely move the people of Hong Kong in this election. Wang Dan, former leader of the 1989 Tiananmen protest, believes young people participating in politics represents the trend of today's world, a vitality Beijing can no longer deny. He hopes that aside from continuing to uphold their ideals, members of HK and Taiwan's student movements may do their part amidst a rise in youth engagement in global politics. TRANSLATED BY:M. LARSEN-STRECKER 香港立法會選舉結果出爐,包括佔中學運領袖在內的非建制派候選人,像是學運成員羅冠聰順利當選,成為立法會史上最年輕議員。對於台港青年都能從抗爭,轉而跨入體制,太陽花學運成員認為,是體現年輕人參與政府的可能性。 ==太陽花學運成員 撒丰安== 是年輕人開始能夠 是在整個區域 或是國家的政治的發聲當中 開始能夠取得 就是被聽見被看見的位置 ==太陽花學運成員 吳崢== 前方的會是更大挑戰 但是 我也很高興 他們可以在這次的選舉中 取得了第一步的立足點 所以我是蠻為他們開心的 由於台港的學運成員,都曾在太陽花及佔中運動中,互相觀摩,太陽花學運的成員們,也希望雙方未來,能夠持續交流取經。曾經擔任太陽花學運義務律師邱顯智,也期許羅冠聰等人,能夠延續他們的熱情。 ==太陽花學運義務律師 邱顯智== 我相信 他們在這個資源各方面 一定比起建制派 或傳統的民主派 都少非常多 但是因為他們靠著 他們自己的努力 我相信在這一次的選舉過程中 你可以看到說 香港市民深受感動 而曾經參與六四天安門學運的民運人士王丹認為,年輕人參政是時代的潮流,北京不能忽視這股力量,也期許港台的學運成員,堅持理想之餘,也能在全球化政治、青年崛起的風潮中,扮演好彼此的角色。 記者 陳佳鑫 陳保羅 台北報導