KMT adopts new policy platform covering cross-strait peace / 在野首次全代會 國民黨通過和平政綱           | 公視新聞網 PNN

KMT adopts new policy platform covering cross-strait peace / 在野首次全代會 國民黨通過和平政綱          

The KMT convened its 19th national congress on Sept. 4th at the Chung-Shan Building on Yangmingshan. This is KMT's first national congress as it became the opposition this year. A new party platform which stresses cross-strait peace was adopted at the congress. KMT chairwoman Hung Hsiu-Chu also said the KMT will no longer have party assets and will not be able to use party assets for the purpose of campaign finance. Her statement demonstrated the KMT's determination to reform. The KMT convened its first national congress on Sep. 4th at the Chung-Shan Building on Yangming Mountain after its defeat in the presidential and legislative elections. An updated version of the KMT policy platform was adopted at the congress, covering areas such as diplomacy, democracy, economy, education, the judiciary, and, in particular, cross-strait peace. ==HUNG HSIU-CHU, KMT Chairwoman== KMT's cross-strait peace platform is in direct opposition of the DPP's pro-independence platform. ==TSAI CHENG-YUAN, KMT Central Policy Committee Director== Our survey shows that over 52% of Taiwanese support our cross-strait peace platform. Only 20% are opposed to it. Particularly, over 80% KMT members are in support of the platform. That's why we adopted this platform at the congress. KMT chairwoman Hung Hsiu-Chu said the KMT will not hold on to its party assets, but they demand fair treatment. After deducting pension funds for retired and current staff, as well as office buildings, all remaining party assets will be donated to charity. ==MO TIEN-HU, KMT Secretary-General== Monthly pension for retired KMT staff and savings interest subsidies will be suspended. Bonuses and benefits will be reduced. New staff recruitment will be halted. We will also push for a volunteer system for party administration at all levels. ==HUNG HSIU-CHU, KMT Chairwoman== I have been appointing KMT branch chairpeople locally, so that the connection between the central administration and local branches can be strengthened, and that the KMT can take roots in local regions. A proposal initiated by 677 KMT Central Standing Committee members including Yao Chiang-lin was also passed at the congress and will be implemented within a year. The resolution requires local KMT branch heads to be directly elected by party members and is seen as a significant milestone for the democratization within the KMT party system. TRANSLATED BY:CHRISTINA LIU 國民黨失去政權後,今天首次召開全代會,地點選在睽違了28年的陽明山中山樓,最受矚目的是,上午通過新版政策綱領,涵蓋外交、兩岸、民主、經濟、教育、司法等面向,尤其是和平政綱。 ==國民黨黨主席 洪秀柱== 我們要用本黨的和平政綱 對抗民進黨的台獨黨綱 ==國民黨政策會執行長 蔡正元== 我們事先對和平政綱有進行民調 全國老百姓支持這個和平政綱的 高達五成二 不同意這個政綱的只有兩成 而且比較特別的 國民黨的支持者高達八成以上 表示說和平政綱是全民共識 所以我們這次特別 在黨代表大會提出來 也獲得全體黨代表的一致同意 另外,黨主席洪秀柱指出,國民黨不依戀黨產,但求公道對待,對於黨產的處理,在解決退休人員的退休金與現職人員的年資結算金,以及辦公處所外,餘額全數捐做公益,黨產歸零,不再用做競選經費,也因此,必須量入為出。 ==國民黨秘書長 莫天虎== 暫停發放已退休人員月退休金 及18%利息補貼 撙節發放現職人員之 各種獎金與福利 辦公室人員出缺不補 並積極推動各級黨務幹部志工化 ==國民黨黨主席 洪秀柱== 秀柱上任以來 就對黨部的主委採取在地用人 用在地人的原則 希望藉此強化中央和地方的連結 讓本黨組織更能夠落地生根 下午也通過中常委姚江臨等677位黨代表連署黨章修正案提案,直轄市和縣市黨部主委改由黨員直選,將於一年內實施,被視為國民黨邁向黨內民主化的重要里程碑。 記者 郭采彥 吳嘉堡 SNG 台北報導