The Taipei Dome BOT contract may be terminated. Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-Je met with Farglory Group chairman Chao Teng-Hsiung two weeks ago, but both sides were unable to come to a consensus. Taipei City has requested Farglory to make improvements on public safety by Sept. 8th. However, Farglory asserted that the Dome does not have safety issues and even said the city government can end the contract so that both sides can go their separate ways. Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-Je met with Farglory Group chairman Chao Teng-Hsiung for the second time to resolve the Taipei Dome contract dispute. Ko wanted the commercial facilities area to be reduced, but Chao insisted that there's no public safety issues with the Dome. No consensus was reached at the end of the meeting. The Taipei City government has given Farglory the ultimatum. Measures must be taken to improve safety of the Dome by Sept. 8th, otherwise the contract may be terminated, which Ko said would be the worst case scenario. ==KO WEN-JE, Taipei Mayor== We will continue to negotiate with Farglory to resolve the conflict. Litigation is the last resort. We will try to negotiate to find a solution. I hope Chao will think this issue through carefully. Ko said Farglory requested Taiwan Architecture and Building Center to perform safety reviews for the Dome instead of the city government, but he has still not seen the review results after 15 months. The Department of Urban Development criticized the safety improvement plan submitted by Farglory for failing to meet professional standards. In response, Farglory said the city government can end the contract and run the Dome on their own, and Farglory will take legal action to protect their interest if necessary. ==YANG SHUN-CHIN Farglory spokesperson== They want to reduce the area by about 16,000 square meters and asked us to tear down some floors. Our calculation shows that the city's plan is not viable and the project will not be able to self-liquidate after the 50 years term. If the city government thinks the profit can be as high as NT$90 to NT$100 billion, they can end the contract and run the Dome on their own. The Taipei Dome contract dispute has dragged on for almost two years. Some say Ko is trying to resolve the dispute soon to salvage his approval rating. While the city government is adamant about safety standards, Farglory insists that the commercial area cannot be reduced, or else the project will not be financially feasible. The conflict remains in deadlock. TRANSLATED BY:CHRISTINA LIU 大巨蛋會走向解約收場嗎?台北市長柯文哲兩週前,與遠雄董事長趙藤雄見面,但雙方對大巨蛋公安沒有結論和共識,9月8日是大巨蛋公安改善最後通牒期限,柯文哲表示解約走訴訟程序是最下策,希望趙藤雄想清楚。不過遠雄認為大巨蛋公安沒問題,也直言市府不滿意可以買回自營,大家好聚好散。 大巨蛋爭議未解,台北市長柯文哲2週前,與遠雄董事長趙藤雄二度見面,但趙藤雄堅持大巨蛋公安沒問題,柯文哲則要求刪減商場面積,各說各話。9月8日是市府,對遠雄公安改善的最後通牒期限,大巨蛋恐怕走向解約,柯文哲也坦言解約是最下策。 ==台北市長 柯文哲== 其實解約也不見得會拖在那裡 我想談判還是會繼續進行 這個雙方還是會繼續 其實進入法律訴訟應該是最下策 之前還是會有各種協商 不過我想 他自己要想清楚 我就不曉得他這位老先生 不曉得腦袋在想什麼 柯文哲強調,遠雄將大巨蛋送交台灣建築中心審查,但審了15個月還沒審過,卻也堅持不交由北市府審查,因此隔空對趙藤雄喊話,要他想清楚。至於,都發局批評,遠雄提的114頁公安改善方案,不見專業,遠雄則是回嗆,市府可買回自營,也絕對會透過司法途徑捍衛權益。 ==遠雄發言人 楊舜欽== 要遠雄退讓五千多坪 然後包括有些樓地板 必須拆除等等 經過財務的試算跟自償 事實上是沒有辦法 去支撐大巨蛋五十年營運 市政府一直堅持說 未來有9百億到1千億的利潤 你如果認為那麼有賺頭 你就買回去賺啊 大巨蛋歹戲拖棚一年九個月,外傳柯文哲為了民調下滑緊張,想將積極解決,市府亮出公安底線,看來已無退路,但遠雄在意的是大巨蛋BOT的"自償率",緊咬商場面積,寸步不讓,雙方已不排除走法律戰,未來訴訟賠償恐怕都得市民買單。 記者 李曉儒 邱福財 台北報導