In 2014, Tainan City Councilman Li Chuan-chiao was accused of bribery when running for Council Speaker, and his election was later ruled ineffective by a civil court in January this year, which Li appealed. Yesterday the Tainan High Court issued a verdict on the case's second trial. The first ruling is upheld. In 2014 Li Chuan-chiao was elected the speaker of Tainan City Council, however he was alleged with bribery. Tainan Prosecutors Office and election opponent Wang Chun-tan filed a civil litigation. The verdict in the first trial was given against Li, and Li made an appeal. On August 30, the court confirmed his conviction in the second trial. ==SHEN YANG-REN, Tainan Branch Court Spokesman== Whether Li Chuan-chiao authorized or consented, Li shall be held responsible for the above mentioned actions of his own campaign staff. The court affirmed bribery and therefore invalided the election result. Li Chuan-chiao lost his seats as city councilman and city council speaker. Tainan Mayor William Lai did not attend city council session for 234 days in protest to the Speaker's bribery case. Mayor Lai praises the success on ending money politics. ==WILLIAM LAI, Tainan Mayor== Anyone who uses any inappropriate means to achieve his goal, he shall suffer his own consequence. This case is a bad example to democracy. I hope this case in the future will become a warning to any politician. Li Chuan-chiao's seat in Tainan City Council will be replaced by Wang Chun-tan from the same electoral district. The city council will soon hold a by-election for council speaker seat, the open vote is more favorable to DPP, the majority in the council. TRANSLATED BY:ANTHONY LIN 103年李全教當選台南市議長,國民黨議員振奮、綠營錯愕,但爭議聲中被查出賄選,李全教樁腳買票被判刑,台南地檢署和同選區議員王峻潭,提出民事當選無效之訴,今年一月一審李全教敗訴,李全教不服上訴,30號台南高分院二審維持一審判決。 ==高等法院台南分院發言人 沈揚仁== 李全教授權或同意 或者不違背其本意之意思 因此李全教就上述 競選團隊的賄選行為 應全權負責 所以本件賄選行為 合議庭認為完全符合 宣告當選無效之要件 民事當選無效之訴,二審定讞,李全教確定喪失議員和議長資格,曾經為了議長賄選案,長達234天不進議會施政報告的台南市長賴清德,認為這是黑金改革的成功。 ==台南市長 賴清徳== 任何一個人 為了目標不擇手段 終將自食其果 這個民主的惡例 我也希望能夠成為未來 任何一個從政者的警惕 李全教本人未出面,發出聲明表示,這樣的政治環境,他對於宣判結果早有心理準備,請大家讓他沉澱一下。而除了這個案件,李全教被控議員選舉賄選獲不起訴,台南高分檢發回地檢重新調查。至於,議長賄選一案,今年四月一審判刑四年、褫奪公權五年,仍在二審程序中,李全教議員職位,將由同選區王峻潭遞補,由於議長補選將適用地方制度法新修訂的「李全教條款」,採記名投票,這對佔有議會多數的民進黨較為有利。 記者 李淑蘭 孟昭權 溫正衡 台南報導