Tour bus drivers surround MOTC in protest / 火燒車後難生存 遊覽車包圍交部火爆抗議          

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The New Taipei City tour bus drivers union, mobilized over a hundred buses and surrounded the Ministry of Transportation and Communications to Protest, resulting in heavy traffic congestion in the area. They demanded the removal of restrictions on the years of service on buses and the banning of inter-city buses to provide tour bus services. They also asked the MOTC Minister Hochen Tan to apologize. Some protesters even tried to rush into the MOTC building, it was a chaos at the scene. At 9 am, the New Taipei City Tour Bus Drivers Union mobilized over a hundred bus drivers to stage a protest in front of the MOTC. Buses surrounded the MOTC. Drivers honked their horns at once and demanded to see the Minister Hochen Tan. ==Police== Everyone please calm down and wait for my coordination. I'm the commander in charge. Angry protesters broke the police line and rushed into the MOTC building. Some of them even attempted to storm the Minister's office but were stopped by the police. The police line was broken again when protesters thought the MOTC sent low-level officials to assuage them. ==Protesters== We want to see the Minister! The New Taipei City Tour Bus Drivers Union said the coach fire incident in July has tarnished their image and made people think that buses are not safe, and the matter was made worse by a series of roadside checks conducted by the Directorate General of Highways. Bus drivers are in fear of their livelihood due to poor working conditions and declining business, as well as the stigmatization by the public. ==LI SHIH-CHIA, New Taipei City Tour Bus Drivers Union President== We demand fair treatment and justice. If we do not take action to control the crisis, we will be destroyed. ==LIN CHI-KUO, Chief, MOTC Department of Railways and Highways== We will follow up the discussions we had with the president and take appropriate measures to help resolve the issue. Eventually, the Chief of Department of Railways and Highways and the Directorate General of Highways officials met with the union representatives and reached some preliminary agreements including improving drivers' working conditions. Another meeting will be convened within a week to discuss further details. TRANSLATED BY:CHRISTINA LIU 上午九點,一輛接著一輛遊覽車開到交通部門口,將交通部團團包圍,並多次鳴笛抗議,遊覽車持續集結,甚至併排停車,周邊交通都受到影響,新北市遊覽車駕駛工會發動上百位駕駛到交通部陳情,要求面見部長賀陳旦。 ==警察== 各位 稍等一下 我幫你協調 我是現場的指揮官 民眾情緒激動,突破封鎖線,直衝交通部大樓,甚至還有人突破警力,直接搭電梯衝往部長室,被警力檔下,交通部派出業務單位代表回應,卻民眾被質疑層級不夠,再度衝破封鎖線。 ==抗議民眾== 我們要找部長 發起陳情的新北市遊覽車駕駛工會表示,七月陸客火燒車事件後,公路總局展開遊覽車車體稽查,讓民眾有刻板印象,覺得遊覽車不安全,他們覺得被汙名化,現在生意一落千丈,勞動條件又差,快要活不下去。 ==新北市遊覽車駕駛工會理事長 李式嘉== 我們今天要討的公道就到這了 今天如果我們沒有做一個控管 繼續下去 是我們受傷 我們倒 ==路政司司長 林繼國== 我們一定會按照 剛才跟理事長 還有幾位幹部的討論 我們會來積極的辦理 最後交通部路政司長和公路總局出面和陳情代表協商,經過兩個小時溝通,工會提出包括解除車齡限制,終止客運跨足遊覽車業,改善勞動條件等13項訴求,雙方初步獲得共識,一周內將開會討論。 記者 綜合報導