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At Rio Olympics' last match, an All-Star collection of U.S. NBA players dominated Serbia with 96-66, with a field gold percentage of 50%. This is the third straight Olympic gold in men's basketball for America. Meanwhile in the third place playoff, Spain managed a narrow victory against Australia with 89-88. On the last day of this year's Olympics, Spain, who has won the previous two Olympic silvers in men's basketball, faced off Australia, who advanced passed Olympic semi-finals for the first time. Shortly after the match started, Spain's Paul Gasol and Nikola Mirotic scored 8 points each, giving Spain a 6 point advantage. Yet Australia seemed unaffected by the heavy blow that Serbia had dealt them in the semifinals, with Patty Mills scoring a total 30 points in the match, the highest among the Australian team. Under his lead, Australia was just 3 points behind by the end of the third quarter. In the 4th quarter, Spain's Sergio Rodriguez attempted a cut but failed to score. However, a foul won him two free throws, both of which were successful. Since Australia failed to score any further points in its last wave of attack, Spain was able to claim victory with a narrow 89-88. In the Champion match, USA's all-star collection confronted Serbia in a bid to take home its third consecutive gold at the Olympics. Yet in the first quarter, average field goad percentages for both teams were just slightly above 30%. By the end of the quarter, USA was only able to maintain a marginal four point advantage against Spain at 19-15. But starting in the second quarter, team USA regained momentum, with Kevin Durant hitting 4 three-pointers and scoring 24 points just halfway through the quarter, widening the distance with its opponent. By the end of the third quarter, USA was 30 points ahead, turning the fourth quarter into 10 minutes of garbage time. The match concluded with a 96-66 victory by the United States in its 25th straight victory and third consecutive gold medal in the Olympics. TRANSLATED BY:JEFF CHANG 前兩屆奧運銀牌的西班牙,和尋求男籃首面獎牌的澳洲,在銅牌戰展開激戰,一開賽加索(Pau Gasol)和隊友米羅蒂奇(Nikola Mirotic),內外夾攻分別攻下八分,幫助西班牙取得六分領先。 只是澳洲擺脫前一場遭到屠殺的陰霾,米爾斯(Patty Mills)火力全開,轟下全隊最高的30分,帶領澳洲前三節打完,只有三分的小幅落後。 最後一節戰況更加激烈,羅德里格茲(Sergio Rodriguez)讀秒階段切入突破籃下,雖然沒能投進,但買到犯規而且他兩罰全部投進。澳洲最後一波攻擊也沒有找到機會出手,終場西班牙就以89比88,驚險拿下勝利,連續3屆奧運有獎牌進帳。 至於要尋求三連霸的美國男籃夢幻隊,金牌戰遭遇塞爾維亞,兩隊第一節投籃手感冷冰冰,命中率都只有三成出頭;首節打完美國隊只以19比15,小幅領先四分。 不過第二節開始,美國隊找回投籃準星,射手杜蘭特(Kevin Durant)單節砍進四顆三分球,半場就狂飆24分,美國隊也從這時候開始,一路拉開領先差距,但美國沒有打算放過塞爾維亞,彷彿是為了報預賽小贏三分的仇,卯起來得分。 在比數拉開到30分差的情況下,第四節的比賽也提前進入垃圾時間,終場美國以96比66大勝塞爾維亞,拿下奧運三連霸,奧運賽場25連勝,同時在國際賽也來到76連勝。 記者 鄭惟仁 報導