The Rio Olympic Games are underway in Brazil. However, in Russia, there was an international canine competition, which is said to be the Military Dog Olympics, where dogs from all over the world showed off their talents. Running, crawling and jumping, sixteen dogs and their trainers took part in a military dog competition on the outskirts of Moscow recently. The international competition, which is called "Man's Best Friend" was organized by the Russian Defense Ministry. == VLADIMIR FEDOROV, Lieutenant-colonel of the reserves, dog trainer== I'm very happy that representatives of all these countries came here to take part in our competition. We have a lot in common, such as a high level of preparation, training and works with the dogs. Servicemen from Kazakhstan, Belarus and China competed in various stages of the contest, including dog biathlon and a 300 meter race with obstacles. It took place at a military base near Dimitrov in the Moscow region, where the former Soviet Army's "Red Star" kennel is located. This was the first time the base hosted an international event. During the race, some dogs were able to follow commands with precision, while others got confused due to physical limit. Military attaches who work in Moscow embassies were invited to watch the games. == ROBERTO GRACIA JOSEF, Military Attache of Cuban Embassy in Russian Federation== I think that next year we must take part in these, let me call it "Military Olympics", not as observers, but as participants. There was also a demonstration, which allowed spectators to see how dogs target assailants and climb along ladders blind-folded. == EKATERINA KOLESOVA, spectator== No doubt that we need such dogs, they are our security, our freedom and peace. We brought our child here today because his dream is to become a military dog trainer. Currently, over 1,200 dogs serve at "Red Star", and every 6 months, 400 trained dogs leave the kennel for service in military bases across Russia. They can bear Russia's harsh climate and are mostly used as guard dogs. TRANSLATED BY:SASHA CHIU