Turn old water tanks into colorful playgrounds / 二手水塔變遊具 北市閒置空間成公園          

One man's trash is another man's treasure. In this case, the Department of Cultural Affairs worked on a project called "Re-create Taipei", which turned water tanks into a colorful playground for children to play with. Let's take a look. Kids running around the playground, having the time of their lives. However, unlike any other playgrounds in Taipei, the slide, ball pit and mini tunnel here are all innovatively constructed with old water tanks. ==CHILDREN== (Is it fun?) Yes it's fun The inside of the water tanks are supplemented with other found materials, providing the kids a variety of textures including bubble wrap and tree bank. ==ZHOU YU-RU, Project host== When the kids are playing, they can touch and feel all kinds of materials and textures here, and that can increase their senses. Underneath the massive elevated expressway, Civic Boulevard, lays the dark and forgotten areas in the city center. Now, with a touch of reconstruction, broken street lamps have turned into colorful swings. ==LI YOU-FU, Chengan borough chief == Now there aren't any homeless people around anymore. We used the least amount of money to create the most value out of it. And now it's very clean. The project "Re-Create Taipei" is a collaboration on public space and urban waste. The outcome is site-specific art intervention which final design depends on the local context and collaborators. The installations including the playground and swings made of street lamps will stay onsite for three months, and possibly expanding to more places in the future. TRANSLATED BY:STELLA TU 兒童志氣公園裡,小朋友穿梭在二手水塔建置而成的空間裡,玩得很開心,不論是溜滑梯,還是球池,或者是走隧道,都感到很新奇。 ==小朋友== (好玩嗎) 好玩 這些遊具的前身,都是閒置的大型水塔,製作團隊運用巧思,將水塔切割、重組,水塔內側貼滿不同觸感的材質,讓小朋友透過觸摸與觀察,啟發不同的感官感受。 ==計畫主持人 周育如== 所以幼兒在休閒的時間 就可以進來觸摸各式各樣的材質 跑啊 玩啊 這就可以增加兒童的 一個幼兒時期 對於材質的觸感 另外,以往陰暗狹長的市民大道下的空間,很容易淪為城市死角,現在用廢棄路燈桿,打造成亮色系的盪鞦韆,擺放在橋下空間,吸引民眾遊憩,也讓城市角落不再灰暗,也大獲鄰里間的好評。 ==誠安里長 李有福== 這些遊民現在已經沒有了 因為我們把它整理得非常乾淨 花最少的錢 創造最多的藝術價值 這是台北市文化局打造的台北鄰里公園翻轉計劃的實驗案例,兒童志氣公園與市民鞦韆實驗基地,以資源再利用,結合公共空間,用設計改善目前單調公共空間建設,讓公園變得更有趣,目前以3個月的時間試行,未來將看成效如何,再研究是否擴大計畫。 記者 郭采彥 謝其文 台北報導

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