Japanese Emperor Akihito has been said to desire an early abdication. On August 8, the 82-year old emperor Akihito expressed in an indirect way, his strong wish to step down because of his advanced age and declining health. The emperor indicated he was ready to abdicate in a televised address. On August 8, the 82-year-old Japanese Emperor Akihito said in a televised address that his declining health may make it difficult for him to fulfill his duties, strongly indicating his desire to abdicate. ==AKIHITO, Emperor of Japan== In the future, it will be difficult for me to perform such a heavy schedule of duties as I used to. What is best for the country, the people, and the royal family members, is what I most often think about. The emperor mentioned in his speech that in the past, if an emperor's health continued to worsen, and even if he passed away during his reign, the funeral and related rituals lasted all year long. The emperor worried that this will lead to social stagnation and impact people's everyday lives. ==AKIHITO, Emperor of Japan== Personnel involved in the rituals and especially their families, will have no choice but to work long hours. I wonder if there is any possibility to avoid such a thing happening. It is also said that Emperor Akihito hopes that 56-year-old Crown Prince Naruhito will succeed to the throne as soon as possible, because the Emperor himself took the throne about the prince's current age. The Imperial Household Agency said that Emperor Akihito has to participate in around 250 public meetings every year. Starting this year, the Prince attended 40 percent of the public events as the emperor's proxy. Japan's existing Imperial Household Act does not allow the emperor to abdicate before his death. However, there is over 70 percent support for the Emperor's early abdication. Parliament will revise and discuss the act, possibly in 2017. TRANSLATED BY:ARIEL HSIEH 現年82歲的日本明仁天皇,在當地下午三點,對著鏡頭,闡述自己身體狀況不佳,長達10分鐘的演說中,儘管沒有提到任何「退位」的字眼,內容卻滿滿暗示,想要提前交棒。 ==日本明仁天皇== 未來如果要像以前那樣 負擔沉重的公務 很困難 對(未來)要如何自處 對國家 對國民 以及走在我身後皇室們 才是最好的 這是我最常想的 天皇演說中提到,過去繼位的天皇,如果未成年,或是生重病,都會採取「攝政」制度,但如果病情持續加重,在天皇任內駕崩,相關喪禮跟儀式,會像過去一樣,除了出殯活動,將連續舉行將近兩個月,後續的相關儀式,也會拖上整整一年,憂心造成社會停滯,影響人民生活。 ==日本明仁天皇== 儀式的相關人事 特別是他們的家人 將不得不處於非常嚴苛的狀況 我不禁想 能否避開這樣的狀況呢 外界猜測,天皇想生前退位,除了年事已高,不堪公務負擔外,還有就是,今年56歲的皇太子,年紀已經超過明仁天皇即位時的年紀,讓天皇想盡早讓位。日本宮內廳表示,天皇每年平均要參加250個公開會議,但今年開始,已經有超過四成的會議,由皇太子德仁代理出席。 由於日本憲法的「皇室典範」規定,不允許天皇生前退位,但日前天皇曾透露出提前退位後,除了獲得七成以上民眾體諒、支持,朝野各黨也贊成修訂「皇室典範」法規,最快將會在明年的例行國會上,進行討論。一旦通過,屆時明仁天皇將成為,二戰後,第一位生前退位的日本天皇。 記者 陳詩童 報導