The mobile game Pokemon GO! has become a global sensation. Now this craze has spread to Taiwan. In Miaoli County, police pulled over a woman who was playing the game while on a scooter, and it turned out that she was wanted by the police. In New Taipei City, a rider fell off his scooter, allegedly while playing Pokemon GO!. Pokemon GO! was released in Taiwan on August 6. In the early morning on Sunday, Miaoli County Police pulled over a woman for playing Pokemon GO! while she was riding a scooter. It was later found out that she was wanted by the police for juvenile delinquency. ==MIAOLI COUNTY POLICE== We found that she was wanted by the police while checking her ID. We asked why she was playing mobile games while riding a scooter, and she said she was catching monsters. On Saturday late night in Zhonghe, New Taipei City, a young motorist fell off his scooter and suffered multiple injuries, including a fractured knee. He was allegedly playing Pokemon GO while he was on the scooter. ==WU TENG-CHIEH, Sub-Lieutenant, Zhonghe First Precinct= He did not say he was playing while he was riding the scooter. We are still trying to determine the cause of the accident. He did not say he was playing Pokemon GO in his statement Police stressed that it is dangerous to use a mobile phone while driving. Dangerous driving can result in a fine up to NT$3,000. Playing mobile games while driving can jeopardize the safety of yourself as well as others. TRANSLATED BY:CHRISTINA LIU 瘋迷全球的電玩寶可夢,台灣周六正式開放下載,但週日凌晨就傳出,苗栗警方巡邏時,發現一名年輕的騎車女子形跡可疑,攔查發現她邊騎車邊玩寶可夢,警方一查,發現她曾被判處感化教育,因為沒有到案,遭到通緝。 ==苗栗警方== 查證她的身分 才知道她是查捕逃犯 我們就詢問她說 邊玩手機 邊騎車 邊騎機車 邊玩手機 這樣很危險 那她說 她在玩那個抓寶遊戲 而週六深夜,新北市疑似有一名年輕騎士,因為邊騎車邊玩寶可夢,行經新北環快中安隧道,不慎自摔,造成左膝蓋骨折,全身多處擦傷,送醫急救。 ==新北市中和第一分局分隊長 吳登傑== 沒有說因為是玩寶可夢 而導致摔車 詳細的肇事原因還在調查中 當事人的自述裡面 也沒有說 因為他說 他是因為使用寶可夢 導致自摔 警方強調,行車時使用行動電話,是非常危險的駕駛行為,最高將開罰3000元,也呼籲駕駛人要多注意自身安全,行車時不要為了玩電玩,危害到自己跟他人的生命安全,就後悔莫及了。 記者 綜合報導