When it comes to landfill sites, a lot of people think of stinky trash. However, in Vital Taiwan today, we are going to overturn your image. After New Taipei City enforced the zero landfill policy in 2007, the Bali landfill site has gradually become a place where ecology is being restored, and the staff have become eco-tour guides. Among the trees, live protected species such as Taipei tree frogs, giant wood spiders and beautiful butterflies. The Bali landfill site has abundant natural resources and covers an area of 81 hectares. Due to the decreasing amount of trash in recent years, staff at the landfill site reconsidered the future of the site, and decided to transform it into a protected environment. Li Shun-chieh, who has worked there for 23 years, witnessed the change. Li was a bulldozer driver, but he has now acquired a green thumb. He has not only restored indigenous plant species like the Taiwan Lily, but has also taken care of over 20,000 plants in the greenhouse. Nothing can shake his love of plants even in the 40 degree Celsius temperature greenhouse. ==LI SHUN-CHIEH, Bali landfill site== The best thing about plants is that the more love you give them, the more they will return you. ==visitor== I don't want the Japanese rhinoceros beetle to be on my hands. (Why?) I want to touch its butt, because it has horns on its head. ==visitor== (Are you afraid of it?) I am only afraid of the male ones. There were so many Japanese rhinoceros beetles on the trees that the children were excited. The Bali landfill site has been transformed from a place people avoid, to a popular natural classroom. ==LIN CHIH-KUAN, Bali landfill site staff== Most people regard the landfill site as a NIMBY (Not in my Back Yard) facility, a place everyone avoids. However, at the Bali landfill site, you can see there are a lot of dragonflies. These insects require good quality air and water. We hope to sustain a healthy natural environment here. ==visitor== I saw a lot of people sharing their experiences of visiting the Bali landfill site on the Internet. They said the insect exhibition here is fantastic. Also, the ecosystem here is intact because the environment is well-protected. ==LIN CHUN-LUNG, Bali landfill site staff== You are right. This kind of flower is called the white ginger lily, and it smells great. Children listened to Lin Chun-lung's narrative attentively. Lin used to operate heavy machinery, but now he is an eco-tour guide at the landfill site. He shares his knowledge with visitors, and uses his free time to learn about plants and animals. He also created a forest trail using ecological engineering, bringing the animals home in the most natural way. ==LIN CHUN-LUNG, Bali landfill site staff== When we were building the trail, we hope that it could be a trail that breathes. We don't want a trail made of concrete. This simple ecological trail contributes to the diversity and abundance of animals and plants. In the future, the Bali landfill site expects to attract more visitors. Visitors are allowed to bring plants home for free. It is hoped that the seed of environmental awareness will grow in their hearts. TRANSLATED BY:ARIEL HSIEH 一大片的樹林,裏頭藏著台灣保育類台北樹蛙、大型人面蜘蛛、還有翩翩飛舞的蝴蝶,你可能不相信,這裡,是新北市的八里垃圾掩埋場。 ==八里垃圾掩埋場場長 林志冠== 整個八里掩埋場在96年7月 就進行了我們的垃圾零掩埋 那所有的一些垃圾 都有包括了有一些減量的措施 占地八十一公頃的八里垃圾掩埋場,有得天獨厚的自然資源,近年來垃圾量減少,場方思考未來的路決定轉型環境生態保育,因此操作重型機械的技工們,也紛紛跟著一起轉型,在場內工作二十三年的李舜傑,見證垃圾處理的改變。 從推土機駕駛變成園藝綠手指,這些年來,他不但將原生種台灣百合復育有成,更負責照顧溫室裡兩萬多個盆栽,動輒四十度高溫的溫室,一進來就讓人汗流浹背,但卻無法動搖李舜傑對植物的熱愛。 ==八里垃圾掩埋場技工 李舜傑== 植物呢 它對於我們人最大的好處 就是我們人給它多少關愛 它就會回報你多少 所以你會怎麼樣 很情不自禁地就浸淫在 這片花花草草的世界 ==參觀小朋友== 我 我不要讓牠在我手上就好 (為什麼) 我想要摸牠屁股 ==參觀小朋友== (會怕嗎) 不會啦 只有公的我害怕 每一棵光蠟樹上都爬滿了獨角仙,數量之多讓小朋友們驚叫聲連連,八里垃圾掩埋場,從原本不受歡迎的鄰避設施,變成熱鬧的生態教室。 ==八里垃圾掩埋場場長 林志冠== 大家都覺得這個 所謂掩埋場是一個鄰避設施 就是嫌惡設施 那事實上 大家可以看到 像這些 我們看到很多蜻蜓 牠們對這些環境要求都非常高的 不管是空氣 不管是水 我們都希望能夠 達成一個永續的方式 ==參觀家長== 之前網路上就有看到很多人分享 說來這邊就是 就是這些昆蟲展非常好 因為這邊環境維護得非常好 自然生態很完整 ==八里垃圾掩埋場技工 林俊龍== 很聰明喔 它很香 它叫做野薑花 專業的導覽解說與分享,讓小朋友們聽得入神,他是林俊龍,從開重型機械的駕駛搖身一變成為導覽員,掩埋場內每一樣物種都逃不過他的眼睛,別人休息的時間他拿來研究不認識的動植物,還用生態工法打造了森林步道,想用最自然的方式,讓動物回歸原本屬於他們的家。 ==八里垃圾掩埋場技工 林俊龍== 建造這塊步道的時候 我們希望它是一條能夠呼吸的步道 而不是用水泥鋪面的那種 很簡單的這種生態步道 所以才會造就了 我們園區生物的多樣性 植物的多樣性 還有整個園區生態的豐富 在工作人員的努力下,八里垃圾掩埋場成功轉型為生態樂園,他們不只努力復育原生種,未來的目標更要推廣到各個學校和機關,民眾來到這裡,可以免費拿盆栽回家種,希望小種子在民眾心中萌芽茁壯、一起永續愛地球。 記者 朱鳳治 陳彥霖 新北市報導