Airborne paratrooper perform 4-man relay parachute / 首度曝光 神龍小組"4人接力"跳傘          

Recently, the ROC Army Skydiving Team impressed many with a rather difficult performance. The demonstration saw four paratroopers jump out of a helicopter at 7,000 feet, and successfully accomplished several formidable tasks. Let's take a look. Diving from 7,000 feet above the ground, members of ROC Army Skydiving Team made a highly difficult performance in the air. This is the first time Army Skydiving Team perform 4-people relay skydiving. Every flying member had to control his or her weight between 65kg to 75kg. Wind direction is also a key to a successful skydiving. The team demonstrated three-parachutes-stacking. They separated until the moment before landing. In May of this year, one team member accidentally landed at residential balcony, thereafter the training has paid more attention to wind directions and speeds. Their demonstration earned praise and made novices exclaimed. TRANSLATED BY:ANTHONY LIN 從7千英呎的高度開始,組員們一躍而下,手拉手以自由落體方式下降,自動解散後,再開傘進行噴煙彩繪天空,要完成如此高難度的動作,最重要的是組員體重要要控制在65到75公斤,才有辦法完成。這是神龍小組首度對外展示的4人接力高空跳傘操演。 除了人員的體重,風向等氣象指標也是跳傘是否能成功的關鍵,同時,神龍小組也展示3人空中疊傘項目,直到落地前才分開,技術高超。 今年5月神龍小組女組員李亭儇發生降入民宅陽台的跳傘意外,讓神龍小組在後續進行跳傘操演時,更加留意風向、風速等因素,而今天精湛的操演,向外界展示神龍的高度技巧,也讓參加傘訓特戰營的學員們驚呼連連。 記者 郭采彥 陳信隆 屏東報導