Hong Kong's June 4 1989 Museum closes down / 飽受管委會&鄰居纏訟 港六四紀念館關閉          

The only museum commemorating the 1989 crackdown, located in Hong Kong, was forced to shut down. It opened just 2 years ago but was locked in a long-running legal battle by the building management and neighbors. The operator expect to relocate new museum within a year. On the last day to say farewell to the June 4th Museum in Hong Kong, people, including pro-democratic legislator Albert Ho, flocked to the site to say goodbye to the museum that had been open for only 2 years. ==ALBERT HO, Hong Kong Legislator== We feel regret that we have to close down this museum permanently, after we've been working and operating for the last 2 years. Obviously it has been successful in attracting the visit of over 20,000 people. Many of them are from the mainland. Founded in 2014, the unique museum was run by a group called "the Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements in China". The museum was set up in commemoration of the 1989 government crackdown on a student-led protest dedicated to Chinese democracy. The alliance spent NT$36 million on an apartment of around 73 square feet in Tsim Sha Tsui and used it to demonstrate photos and video clips of the protest. ==ALBERT HO, Hong Kong Legislator== It is the place where you can speak truth to the power. It is the place to show that we are fearless, that we are forthcoming in preserving and in exhibiting the (June Fourth incident) truth to the whole world. But after its opening, the museum had been plagued by harassment. The managing committee of the building not only continued to bring lawsuits against the museum, but it also forced a limit on the number of visitors, asking all visitors to leave their name before entering the museum. The alliance knew that fighting the committee, which was likely under Beijing's influence, would be too costly and time consuming, and therefore decided to close the museum temporarily. The alliance is now looking for a new location, and it hopes to raise NT$12 million in funds so that the museum can open its door again within a year. TRANSLATED BY:MERVYN KWAN 狹窄的樓梯口擠滿媒體記者,包括香港支聯會主席何俊仁等成員,在六四紀念館的大門,貼上閉館跟籌款擴館的紙條,營運兩年多的六四紀念館正式關門大吉。 ==香港立法會議員(支聯會主席) 何俊仁== 我們非常遺憾必須永久關閉這間紀念館 六四紀念館我們已營運兩年 顯然成功吸引了超過2萬人前來參觀 當中有很多是大陸的民眾 香港的六四紀念館,嚴格來說,是中國唯一一間,紀念六四民運的紀念館,由香港支聯會籌辦,2012年起先後在深水埠和香港城市大學設立臨時館。支聯會之後用約900萬港幣,約3600萬台幣,購入位於尖沙嘴的富好中心的五樓成為永久館址,2014年4月正式開館,用22坪的空間,來展覽圖片及實物介紹六四天安門的相關歷史,吸引不少遊客前來參觀。 ==香港立法會議員(支聯會主席) 何俊仁== 這裡是一個你能夠向強權說實話的地方 也是一個展現我們無懼的場所 我們向全世界保留並展示了(六四)真相 但開館以來,持續遭到大廈以違反相關法律為由提告,甚至嚴格限制訪客人數,強要求登記訪客姓名,種種不堪不甘其擾的手段,讓支聯會深感繼續打官司纏訟也只是浪費時間跟金錢,僅管沒有明確證據,但支聯會強烈懷疑,有北京的政治力在幕後運作打壓。 ==香港立法會議員(支聯會副主席) 李卓人== 他們透過官司的方法逼害六四紀念館 這是非常不尋常的 我們懷疑背後有政治動機 聽聞六四紀念館將要關閉,許多民眾趕在閉館前夕,趕來對六四民運做最後巡禮。支聯會出售原本的六四紀念館後,將再籌募約1200萬台幣,希望在未來一年內,尋找到更好的地點,重新打造新館,繼續肩負起傳遞六四民運真相的歷史責任。 記者 靳元慶 報導