On the last day of the this year's first legislative session, the Democratic Progressive Party pushed for the passage of the draft bill on illicit party assets on the third reading. However, the Kuomintang caucus stalled the session by proposing 294 motions to amend the agenda. Legislative Speaker Su Jia-chyuan called a cross-party negotiation session but no consensus was reached. The last day of the session lasted until midnight, and a total of 104 motions were voted on. The draft bill on illicit party assets will be voted upon again in the ad hoc session. No consensus was reached after an hour and 20 minutes of negotiation. On the last day of the legislature session, the KMT caucus moved to vote on 294 motions to amend the agenda. ==NS== The president should give a report. ==NS== Return money to the people. Stop the missile misfire! The DPP attempted to push for the passage of the draft bill on illicit party assets in the third reading. However, the KMT caucus mobilized its legislators and blocked the bill by motioning to vote on various agenda items to delay the session. The Pan-Green camp legislators were outraged by this onslaught of filibusters. ==CHUANG JUI-HSIUNG, DPP Legislator == You proposed the bill. Now you don't want to vote. == HUANG KUO-CHANG, New Power Party Legislator == They tried to use up all the time with ridiculous filibuster tactics. The New Power Party caucus denounced the KMT's attempts to forestall the session. As the session dragged on, some legislators were seen dozing off. Afternoon refreshments were delivered as the session is expected to continue until midnight. ==LIN TE-FU, KMT Caucus Whip== Since President Tsai is unwilling to give a national report at our request, of course we have to use all kinds of tactics to make our case. The KMT caucus also suggested that President Tsai give a national report at the legislature and make a joint statement regarding the arbitration on the South China Sea disputes. The President of the Legislative Yuan Su Jia-chyuan said that a joint statement will be drafted by the PFP caucus and read before the legislature is dismissed. TRANSLATED BY:CHRISTINA LIU 立法院召開本會期最後一次院會,民進黨主導力拚不當黨產條例草案三讀過關,不過國民黨為杯葛議事,一大早就送交294件變更議程提案,但立法院長蘇嘉全召集朝野協商破裂,院會只好進行冗長的表決,另外,針對南海仲裁案的共同聲明,將於院會散會前宣讀。 經過1小時又20分鐘的協商,沒有共識的情況下,立法院本會期的最後一天,從藍營立委提出294件變更議程提案表決開始。 原本是民進黨要力拚不當黨產條例草案三讀通過,但遭到藍營立委甲級動員杯葛,討論事項從記名表決、提出異議到重付表決,以一個案耗時5分鐘來計算,一個小時最多也只能完成12個案的表決,冗長的表決議程,讓綠營立委們忍不住動怒。 ==民進黨立委 莊瑞雄== 案子是你們自己提的 要舉手你喊累 ==時代力量立委 黃國昌== 他們透過極其荒謬的議事策略 想要把整個今天院會的時間 全部浪費掉 藍營的刻意拖延,也讓時代力量黨團痛批藍營惡搞議事,而漫長的過程中,有人忍不住打起瞌睡,藍綠兩黨更分別叫了下午茶外送,讓大家提提神,繼續進行議程,預估將延到晚上12點。 ==國民黨團書記長 林德福== 既然這個蔡總統 我們要求的 她都不要到國會來做國情報告 當然我們會利用各種的手段 來做一些議事上策略的一個處理 另外,國民黨建議邀請總統蔡英文就南海仲裁案到立法院進行國情報告,而針對南海仲裁發表共同聲明,立法院長蘇嘉全表示,協商結論由親民黨團總召李鴻鈞負責召集,朝野立法院黨團各推派代表1名協商與整合文字內容,於院會散會前宣讀。 記者 郭采彥 蔣龍祥 林志堅 台北報導