China curbs demand for overseas product / 中國開放二胎政策 嬰幼兒產品增商機          

Thanks to the Internet, it is now very easy to buy products from all over the world. Since the end of the one-child policy this year, there is a booming online demand for baby products in China. And because of that, Chinese government is introducing stricter import regulations. Nie Hui and her two daughters are deeply absorbed in play. Most of the toys come from all over the world. ==NIE HUI, Beijing resident== There is no lack of quality goods among those made in China. But products bought from overseas are generally more attractive than those made in China in terms of selection and price. Besides high-tech games from US, the 37-year-old mother almost gets everything from overseas websites, even daily necessities like food and clothes. According to a government research center, 30 million Chinese consumers used laptops to shop overseas in 2015. The value of goods from abroad online was around US$15 billion. The market is still growing due to the two-child policy being introduced in January 2016. Analysts predict nearly 1.8 million babies. Therefore, Liu nan, CEO of, is optimistic about future revenue. == LIU NAN, CEO of We can see a very rapid growth after the policy. On Mia, our revenue on Q4 is like two times compared to previous quarter. And this year we are aiming at three times of growth compared with last year. Young parents are demanding better safety and higher-quality products. Mothers like Liu and Nie, say they prefer overseas brands. But there is an obstacle in the way. China is introducing new regulations, including implementing higher tariffs and stricter customs procedure. New rules have made e-retailers unhappy, so the government is postponing them until next year. TRANSLATED BY:SASHA CHIU