Last night, at around 10 pm, an explosion took place on a Taiwan Railways Administration Train near Songshan Station, leaving 26 injured and hospitalized, the most seriously injured is only just 14 years old. The explosion occurred in a train carriage in which there were 25 people. Station staff worked to put out the fire and were joined by firefighters. The cause of the explosion is believed to be a package left by a member of the public. Police have taken CCTV videos and are investigating. People who were in the carriage suffered various degrees of burns and other passengers helped them by pouring water on their burns. Smoke continued to rise in the carriage and the floor was covered with blood, glass and debris. Other passengers were shocked by the sight. The train departed from Hsinchu headed for Songshan Train Station in Taipei and the explosion occurred near to its destination, Songshan. According to witnesses, there was a loud noise, the glass in the train windows shattered and smoke filled the carriage. Police and fire personnel immediately responded to reports and found the injured on the floor of the train and the platform being tended to by staff and other passengers. There were 25 people injured in total, who were taken to hospital. The most seriously injured is a 14 year old boy with 30 percent burns and a torn ligament in his left foot. Relatives are shocked and sad that just taking the train on a typhoon night could result in their loved ones getting injured and burnt like this. Police and fire personnel are investigating the cause of the explosion. ==WU CHUN-HONG, Taipei City Fire Department Commissioner== It happened in carriage number 6, there was an explosion and a number of members of the public were injured. Police learned from witnesses that a man dressed in black brought a long object into the carriage and they suspect that this is what exploded. Police suspect this was intentional and have started to look at CCTV video from the train itself and are tracing the suspect. ==LEE Zi-WEN, Criminal Investigation Bureau, 5th Invstign. Corps, Sec. Chief== At the site there was a metal tube 6 cm. in diameter and 15 cm. long with both ends closed with tape. On the floor of the carriage we also found fragments of metal piping and damage. The CIB said the exploded pipe was found under a seat, tied with red and yellow tape. They found no fuses and timing devices. It appeared to have been in a black backpack when it was ignited. The CIB suspects this was an intentional act. TRANSLATED BY:CLARE LEAR 松山車站台鐵列車昨晚10點驚傳爆炸,經過將近三個小時的搜索,今天凌晨,刑事局已經在列車的第六節車廂內,尋獲破裂鋼管爆裂物及黑色背包,初步判定就是爆炸點。這也間接證實了人為蓄意攻擊的可能,至於嫌犯,警方目前仍在持續調查當中。 松山火車站一列區間車7號晚間10點驚傳爆炸,現場證據顯示恐怕是人為蓄意攻擊。鑑識小組到場調查,在佈滿煙塵的車廂內採證。事發三小時後,刑事局8號凌晨證實,現場找到了可疑爆裂物,疑似就是爆炸點。 ==刑事局偵五隊第一隊隊長 李子文== 直徑約6公分 長度約15公分破裂的鋼管 車廂上面的話 裡面地上都有一些鋼管碎裂的痕跡 初步研判它應該是點火式爆裂物 因為找不到任何開關 刑事局表示,在第六節車廂的座椅下找到鋼管爆裂物,用紅黃膠帶綑綁,沒有發現引信和定時裝置。黑色背包破裂,初步判定是在背包內點火引爆。這也提高了人為涉案的可能性。事發當晚,列車行駛到2號月台,突然爆炸,車廂起火,乘客紛紛尖叫逃離。台鐵初步排除機械故障,也表示這段期間沒有收到任何恐嚇信件或電話。 ==台鐵局長 周永暉== 目前我們會全面警戒 而且也因為颱風的關係 我們在明天 (8號)全部的列車 下午五點以前都停駛 ==交通部長 賀陳旦=== 我們務必用各方面的查證 跟錄影帶的線索 來儘快使這個案子 早日找到犯案的人 全案仍在持續調查當中,警方已經調閱監視器,追查嫌犯身分。 記者 邱偉淳 王興中 劉漢麟 台北報導

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