Employees sceptical about new chairperson / 政院宣布 何煖軒接任華航董事長          

As labor disputes continue, China Airlines flight attendants have decided to stage a strike starting from today. The Executive Yuan confirmed that the current Chairman of Taoyuan Metro Ho Nuan-hsuan will now take the helm of China Airlines's board of directors. The China Airlines Employees Union criticized the decision, saying the choice of the company chairman should be someone who has professional experience in the airline industry. Meanwhile, it has been confirmed the strike will not be affected. The Executive Yuan unexpectedly announced the appointment of the current Chairman of Taoyuan Metro Ho Nuan-hsuan as the new Chairman of China Airlines amid CAL labor disputes. The CAL Employees Union called the appointment "political patronage". ==WANG CHIEN, Spokesperson, CAL Employees Union== We have always wanted a professional manager. We believe this appointment is clearly political patronage. == WAN MEI-LING, Taoyuan City Councilor== I'm very concerned by the appointment of Ho Nuan-hsuan. He has demonstrated poor leadership in his capacity as the Chairman of Taoyuan Metro. He almost ran the company to the ground. Ho had served as the MOTC Administrative Deputy Minister during the previous DPP administration. The CAL Employees Union claimed that the chairmanship should be taken by a professional manager and threatened to protest. Ho stated that he is confident of a successful resolution of the dispute. The Taoyuan Flight Attendant Union vowed to continue its strike regardless. ==LIN HSIN-YI, Director, Taoyuan Flight Attendants Union== We (CAL) have a new chairman every time a new ruling party takes office. We just hope that the new chairman can treat workers with respect because we are the ones who hold the front lines for the company. Ho will hold a press conference after he officially takes office on Friday to explain how the labor strike will be handled. TRANSLATED BY:CHRISTINA LIU 華航勞資爭議還沒解決,行政院昨天上午突然宣布華航董事長新人選,將由桃園機場捷運公司董事長何煖軒接任。消息一出,華航企業工會批評根本是政治酬庸。 ==華航企業工會發言人 王謙== 企業工會一貫的立場 我們要專業反酬庸 那我們同樣也認為 這一次的任命 是一種酬庸性質 ==桃園市議員 萬美玲== 何煖軒來接任 我想我個人感到非常的憂心 他在接我們桃園捷運公司 這一段期間當中 我們看到他毫無經營能力 把桃園捷運公司經營到 已經快要瀕臨破產 何煖軒過去在民進黨執政時期受重用,曾擔任交通部常務次長。但華航企業工會,要求由專業經理人來接任,揚言將有所行動來抗議。而針對何煖軒表示,有信心認真處理華航空服罷工問題,空服員工會則回應,罷工還是會進行,不會因為換董座而改變。 ==華航空服員工會理事 林馨怡== 執政黨一上台 我們的董事長就會換人 職業工會現在目前的 目前是希望只要新董座 其實來了新董座 我們都希望他還是要尊重勞工 因為只有勞工是在我們一線 待最久的人員 而何煖軒則將在明天交接後,舉行記者會,對外說明華航空服員罷工後續處理。 綜合報導