Grassroots rights protestor arrested in Wukan village / 廣東烏坎村事件 揭弊村委主任被逮捕          

On June 18, Lin Zulian, the democratically elected and popular party chief of Wukan village in Guangdong province was arrested in a midnight raid. Five years ago, he was the leader of grassroots protests in the village which returned land to villagers after it had been acquired by construction companies. ==QIAN HANPEI, Donghai Township Deputy Head== Don't film this, what are you looking at? The village deputy head in Donghai Township pushed and shoved the female reporter and verbally abused her. A male reporter protested and was also abused. ==reporter== if you hit me, i'll call the police These reporters some from Hong Kong were all here to interview Lin Zulian, Wukan Village chief, who was suddenly arrested on corruption charges. In December of 2011, villagers accused construction companies and officials of colluding to acquire land and held protests. During the protests a villager, Xue Jinbo died while in police custody, allegedly at the hands of police. The villagers were angry and held demonstrations. Under Lin's leadership they succeeded in getting the government to return some of the land. Lin was re-elected as head of the village committee. The head of the city council, Chen Zengxin in the managing authority, Shanwei City, was fired and expelled from the Communist Party. Now, five years later it is Lin's turn to be investigated and arrested. The villagers are angry and believe that he is being targeted by the government in retaliation. ==Wukan villager== We are sure that these are all cooked up by the city government or people under them, our whole village believes Lin Zulian has never accepted bribes. The villagers want to protest at the city government and call on them to release Lin. However, China's officials moved swiftly and ordered that the village committee's deputy head Zhang Shuijin take over Lin's position and warn the villagers not to protest at authorities, otherwise they would have to answer for any consequences. TRANSLATED BY:CLARE LEAR ==廣東省東海鎮副鎮長 錢漢沛 v.s 記者== 不要照(相)..照(相)幹啥 即使面對體型嬌小的女記者,代表上級單位到當地的東海鎮副鎮長錢漢沛,一樣毫不留情連推帶打。一旁的男記者看不下去,要求錢漢沛罷手,結果錢漢沛大爆粗口開罵,和這位男記者差一點發生肢體衝突。 ==記者 v.s 廣東省東海鎮副鎮長 錢漢沛== 你打(人)的話我報警啦.. 報警我怕你什麼啦? 一旁的隨行人員,這時趕緊把人拉開,雙方才暫時結束對峙。這批來自當地和香港的記者,其實是來採訪烏坎村村委主任林祖戀,突然被依貪汙罪嫌逮捕的事件。 2011年12月,烏坎村爆發官商勾,村委會成員被控偷買土地給財團牟取暴利,讓失去農地和住家的農民相當不滿,期間又傳出爭取權益的村民薛錦波,疑似在警局遭刑求致死,民怨沸騰,街頭不斷傳出抗爭。 在林祖戀的領導之下,村民成功使政府歸還部份土地,當時被指為鬧事份子的村民,都當選新的村委會委員,林祖戀也當選相當於村長的村委會主任。而屬於上級單位的汕尾市,市委會常委陳增新因嚴重違紀,遭到開除公職、黨職的雙開處分。 但5年後卻輪到林祖戀,成為被調查並收押的對象,讓村民相當不服,認為上級政府挾怨報復、羅織罪名。 ==烏坎村村民== 我們相信這些(標語)都是 (陸豐)市政府或市政府手下的人貼的 我們全村的人都相信 林祖戀沒有貪贓枉法 村民們打算比照當年,上訪陸豐市政府,要求釋放林祖戀,但中國官方動作迅速,不但立刻下令由村委會副主任張水金,代理村長職務,還發表聲明,警告民眾取消上訪,否則後果自行負責。 記者 徐家仁 報導