Wild peacocks threaten flight safety in Kinmen / 野生孔雀增 成金門生態.飛安潛在威脅

In Taiwan, normally we would think that peacocks only exist in zoos, but that's not entirely true. In Kinmen, an accident many years ago has resulted in a large peacock presence on the island today. Let's take a look. Some of us may still remember how Teresa Teng called on the people on the other side of the Taiwan Strait in Kinmen. But few of us would ever associate Kinmen with an island full of peacocks. ==A Kinmen bus driver== Some peacocks here move in flocks. I've even seen peacocks flying in front of the cars. The existence of peacocks in Kinmen all came down to a typhoon 17 years ago. ==Hsu Chih-chung, Director-general of Economic Affairs Department of Kinmen County== Back then we were raising 14 peacocks at the livestock research institute, but in 1999, a typhoon came and destroyed the entire enclosure. Since then, those 14 peacocks have been out in the wild. In the past decade or so, these birds have adapted well. The peacock population today in Kinmen is estimated at 1400. ==Chen Ying-lan, Member of the Peacock Elimination Team== If there is enough food and no threat around, the peacock population can continue to grow. However, these peacocks have damaged crops, made loud noises, and even affected flight safety. ==Chung Li-wei, Section Chief of Economic Affairs Department of Kinmen County== These birds roam the Kinmen island today only because of our negligence. We can't wait until a plane crash to start to pay attention. Indeed, as a result of human negligence, these birds have become an unwelcome presence in Kinmen. Today, dealing with all problems that these peacocks cause is becoming a more and more daunting task. TRANSLATED BY:JEFF CHANG 來到金門,可以聽到過去鄧麗君向對岸播送的心戰喊話,但您有沒有想過,現在在金門,可以看到孔雀。 ==金門公車司機== 有看到孔雀 有三五成群的 也有那個 曾經也有孔雀 從車子前面飛過啊 金門怎麼會出現孔雀,原因出在17年前的一場颱風。 ==金門縣政府建設處長 許志忠== 我們畜試所養了14隻孔雀 當作觀賞使用 因為民國88年颱風來襲 整個孔雀鳥園就被吹壞了 從此14隻孔雀 牠就流落到野外 十幾年來,孔雀在金門,適應得相當好,根據估算,群族已經成長到1400隻。 ==孔雀移除團隊成員 陳映嵐== 假如金門食物資源是足夠 又沒有天敵危害情況下 牠們的族群 是可以不斷繁衍的 但是,這些孔雀,不但會損害農作物,叫聲很吵,而且還可能造成飛安問題。 ==金門縣政府建設處科長 鐘立偉== 我們之前因為不夠謹慎 才讓外來種 在那邊蔓延 總不該發生空難了 我們才去重視問題 因為人類的疏忽,孔雀在金門成為不受歡迎的生命,如何面對孔雀,成為金門越來越棘手的難題。 記者 葉明蘭 葉鎮中 金門報導